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Brandon G. Sears

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Directions to University of Kentucky, Lexington, KYUniversity of Kentucky, PSS
Campus LocationRobinson Station
130 Robinson Road (Office:01)
Jackson, KY 41339-9081
Phone(859) 257-9511 ext. 316
Fax(859) 257-9511



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Research/Teaching Publications

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Mueller, T.G., S.R.K. Dhanikonda, N.B. Pusuluri, A.D. Karathanasis, K.K. Mathias, B. Mijatovic, and B.G. Sears. 2005. Optimizing inverse distance weighted interpolation with cross-validation. Soil Science 170:504-515. Publication URL
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Brandon G. Sears Tasios Karathanasis Tom Mueller Blazan Mijatovic
    Sears, B.G., B. Mijatovic, T.G. Mueller, and R.I. Barnhisel. 2005. Interpreting yield variability with electrical conductivity and terrain attributes across a central Kentucky landscape. Crop Management. Published online September 2005: doi:10.1094/CM-2005-0928-01-RV. Publication URL
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Brandon G. Sears Richard Barnhisel Tom Mueller