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Balazs Siminszky

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Research/Teaching Publications

    Refereed Journal Articles

    From the Cover: Manohar Chakrabarti, Steven W. Bowen, Nicholas P. Coleman, Karen M. Meekins, Ralph E. Dewey and Balazs Siminszky 2008. CYP82E4-mediated nicotine to nornicotine conversion in tobacco is regulated by a senescence-specific signaling pathway. Plant Molecular Biology. 66: 415-427.
    R.S. Lewis, A.M. Jack, J.W. Morris, V.J.M. Robert, L.B. Gavilano, B. Siminszky, L.P. Bush, A.J. Hayes, R.E. Dewey 2008. RNAi-Induced Suppression of Nicotine Demethylase Activity Reduces Levels of a Key Carcinogen in Cured Tobacco Leaves. Plant Biotechnology Journal 6(4):346-54.
    Lily B. Gavilano and Balazs Siminszky 2007. Isolation and Characterization of the Cytochrome P450 Gene CYP82E5v2 that Mediates Nicotine to Nornicotine Conversion in the Green Leaves of Tobacco. Plant and Cell Physiology 48(11):1567-1574.
    Lily B. Gavilano, Nicholas P. Coleman, Steven W. Bowen, and Balazs Siminszky 2007. Functional Analysis of Nicotine Demethylase Genes Reveals Insights into the Evolution of Modern Tobacco. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281(1):249-256.
    Manohar Chakrabarti, Karen M. Meekins, Lily B. Gavilano and Balazs Siminszky 2007. Inactivation of CYP82E2 by Degenerative Mutations was a Key Event in the Evolution of the Alkaloid Profile of Modern Tobacco. New Phytologist. 175:565-574.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Balazs Siminszky Karen Meekins
    Balazs Siminszky 2006. Plant Cytochrome P450-Mediated Herbicide Metabolism. Phytochemistry Reviews. 5:445-458
    Gavilano, L.B.,N.P Coleman, L.E. Burnley, M.L. Bowman, E.N. Kalengamaliro, A Hayes, L.P. Bush and B. Siminszky. 2006. Genetic engineering of Nicotiana tabacum for reduced nornicotine content. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54(24):9071-9078.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Balazs Siminszky Lily Gavilano Lowell Bush
    Lily B. Gavilano, Nicholas P. Coleman, Leigh-Emma Burnley, Melissa L. Bowman, Newton E. Kalengamaliro, Alec Hayes, Lowell Bush and Balazs Siminszky* 2006. Genetic Engineering of Nicotiana Tabacum for Reduced Nornicotine Content. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 54:9071-9078.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Balazs Siminszky Lowell Bush Lily Gavilano
    Dewey R., B. Siminszky, S. Bowen and L. Gavilano. 2005. Alteration of Tobacco Alkaloid Content through Modification of Specific Cytochrome P450 Genes. (Patent Pending).
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Balazs Siminszky Lily Gavilano
    Siminszky, B., L. Gavilano, S.W. Bowen, and R.E. Dewey. 2005. Conversion of nicotine to nornicotine in Nicotiana tabacum is mediated by CYP82E4, a cytochrome P450 monooxygenase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 102(41):14919-14924.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Balazs Siminszky Lily Gavilano
    Siminszky, B., N.P. Coleman, and M. Naveed. 2005. Denaturing HPLC efficiently detects mutations of the acetolactate synthase gene. Weed Science. 53:146-152.
    Balazs Siminszky*, Ann M. Freytag, Bonnie S. Sheldon and Ralph E. Dewey 2003. Coexpression of a NADPH:P450 Reductase Enhances CYP71A10-Dependent Phenylurea Metabolism in Tobacco. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 77:35-43.
    Balazs Siminszky*,Y.S. Sheldon, F.T. Corbin, and R.E. Dewey 2000. A cytochrome P450 monooxygenase cDNA (CYP71A10) confers resistance to linuron in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum. Weed Science 48:291-295
    Balazs Siminszky*, Corbin, F.T., Ward, E.R., Fleischmann, T.J. and Dewey, R.E. 1999. Expression of a Soybean Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenase cDNA in Yeast and Tobacco Enhances the Metabolism of Phenylurea Herbicides. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 96 (4): 1750-1755