University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Morris J. Bitzer

This person is no longer active in Plant and Soil Sciences. This is an archive record.



Directions to University of Kentucky, Lexington, KYUniversity of Kentucky, PSS
Campus LocationPlant Science Building
1405 Veterans Drive (Office:419)
Lexington, KY 40546-0312
Phone(859) 257-5020 ext. 80749
Fax(859) 257-7871


Research Grains Agronomist




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College Numbered Extension Publications

    AGR-100 No-Till Corn PDF: 197 kb 4 pages

    AGR-122 Production of Sweet Sorghum for Syrup in Kentucky PDF: 204 kb 4 pages

    AGR-123 Processing Sweet Sorghum for Sirup PDF: 1.5 mb 8 pages

    AGR-128 Soybean Production in Kentucky Part 1: Status Uses and Planning HTML: 38 kb

    AGR-129 Soybean Production in Kentucky Part 2: Seed Selection Variety Selection and Fertilization HTML: 32 kb

    AGR-130 Soybean Production in Kentucky Part 3: Planting Practices and Double Cropping HTML: 58 kb

    AGR-131 Soybean Production in KenTucky Part 4: Weed Disease and Insect Control HTML: 62 kb

    AGR-132 Soybean Production in Kentucky Part 5: Harvesting Drying Storage and Marketing PDF: 419 kb 12 pages

    ID-139 A Comprehensive Guide to Corn Management in Kentucky PDF: 3 kb 1 pages

    ID-48 Silk Clipping Insects on Corn HTML: 8 kb

    ID-61 Corn Grades and Feed Value HTML: 8 kb

    ID-86 Using Drought-Stressed Corn Harvesting Storage Feeding Pricing and Marketing HTML: 32 kb