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Dan Weber

Dan joined the lab in the summer of 2012, after completing a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas.  Dan worked in the McCulley lab in the summer of 2011 as an undergraduate assistant.  During this time, he began work a pilot study investigating slug herbivory in the UK Climate Change Project.


As part of his master's research, Dan investigated several aspects of grassland ecology, with a focus on how grassland systems are/will respond to climate change.  The largest portion of the project consisted of analyzing soil microbial communities across a temperature gradient in diverse grassland soils.  Dan also be investigated responses of soil-to-atmosphere gas exchange to turf management practices.  The final portion of Dan's research was a continuation of the investigation of the response of slug herbivory to climate change in a managed hayfield.

Dan received his M.S. in the spring of 2014 and currently works in the Biology Department at UK as a Lab Coordinator for undergraduate teaching labs. 



Slug Herbivory in Tall Fescue Pastures: Sensitive to Climate Change? (poster) 2013.  UK CEEB Invasive Species Symposium.

Soil-to-Atmosphere Greenhouse Gas Emissions from High- and Low-Input Turf Systems of Central Kentucky.(poster) 2013. ASA-CSA-SSSA meeting and TFISE Annual Research Showcase.


Outside of work, Dan enjoys pretending to be an engineer by tinkering with anything that can be taken apart.  He enjoys recreational shooting sports, and participates as frequently as finances allow.  He is also an avid Atlanta Falcons fan and a Kansas Jayhawks Basketball fan.


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