University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Becca Shelton

Becca Shelton


Rebecca Shelton joined the lab in July of 2013. She completed her undergraduate work at Furman University and received her B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science with a biology concentration.  Originally from Kentucky, she has returned to UK in order to pursue a masters degree. 

Her research interests lie within the realm of agroecology.  Specifically, she is interested in organic and reduced tillage farming systems, agriculture’s impact on climate and the environment, and small-scale farm efficiency.  She is working with both the McCulley lab and the Jacobsen lab to study plant available nitrogen produced by leguminous cover crops and trace gas emissions in a reduced till, cover cropped system. 

Outside of school and work, Rebecca enjoys growing, preserving, and cooking food, honeybees, dancing, bluegrass-folksy music, running, hiking, and swimming in lakes.    

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