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Welcome to the UK Soybean Variety Testing Program, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

The Kentucky Soybean Performance Tests are conducted to provide an unbiased and objective estimate of the relative performance of soybean varieties in Kentucky. This information may be used by growers and seed producers to aid in selecting varieties that will give the highest total production in a specific situation. Soybean cultivars are entered by soybean growers, commercial companies, and state and federal institutions.

In 2015, 8 test sites will be planted. The test sites are located in the major regions for soybean production in Kentucky. The tests cover varieties within relative maturity from 2.0 to 5.9. Five tests at each location will be planted: varieties in the Maturity Group II (mat. group 2.0-2.9), MG III (3.0-3.9), MG IV Early (4.0-4.5), MG IV Late (4.6-4.9), and MG V (5.0-5.9). Companies and organization interested in nominating soybean varieties in the 2014 tests should download and complete the nomination form.

Entries accepted in the 2015 tests will be planted at all locations. The fee per entry is $504. Detailed information regarding the 2015 tests is provided within the nomination form. Preliminary data will be posted on this webpage as the 8 sites of each maturity group are harvested.

2015 Variety Nomination Form

The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Test Program is now accepting entries for the 2015 tests. The deadline for submiting entries is March 13th, 2015. The complete form can be emailed (preferred), mailed, or faxed to Claire Venard using the contact information below.

               2015 Nomination Form (Word)

             2015 Nomination Form (pdf)


Annual publication and archived reports:

Archived Reports (in PDF format):

Soybean Variety Trials - Archived Reports

Soybean Variety trials Calendar

To follow our current schedule of activities, please click here: soybean calendar

Preliminary test results: 

Preliminary test data in Excel format will be available each year in October and November, when all locations for each maturity group are harvested and analyzed.  Preliminary reports are subject to updates and corrections as needed. 

The current 2014 test results are also available here in Excel format: 2014 Excel

The 2014 Soybean Variety Performance Test results are available here: 2014 report


Soybean Listserv sign up form

Would you like to receive an email alert when this data is available?  Click on this link to access the sign up form. You will receive four emails as various maturity group data becomes available.



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