University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Albuquerque, R.J., T. Hayashi, W.G. Cho, M.E. Kleinman, S. Dridi, A. Takeda, J.Z. Baffi, K. Yamada, H. Kaneko, M.G. Green, J. Chappell, J. Wilting, H.A. Weich, S. Yamagami, S.Amano, N. Mizuki, J.S. Alexander, M.L. Peterson, R.A. Brekken, M. Hirashima, S. Capoor, T. Usui, B.K. Ambati, and J. Ambati. 2009. Alternatively spliced vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 is an essential endogenous inhibitor of lymphatic vessel growth. Nature Medicine 15:1023-30.
Authors: Joseph Chappell