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Turfgrass Science Research and Teaching

BS 1981 Eastern Kentucky University
MS 1993 University of Kentucky
PhD 1996 University of Kentucky

Turfgrass Science: General Management, Integrated Pest Management and Turfgrass Disease Management

Faculty since 1997




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    Gen100 - Issues in Agriculture ; Credits - 3
    An introductory course requiring critical analysis of issues in agriculture development and an historical survey of agriculture development. Written and oral communication is emphasized. .
    Instructors: David W. Williams Scott Smith
    PLS103 - Plants, Soils and People: A Global Perspective; Credits - 3
    Only a few things are essential to life, and food is one of them. What people eat is about what they need to be healthy, what they want to eat (personal preference and culture), and what they have available or can afford to eat. Agriculture plays a vital role in human food security. Many experts feel the world is facing a food supply crisis. Knowledge and application of the principles of plant and soil sciences will have a dramatic effect on human food security, now and into the future, both locally and globally. However, these issues will also be impacted by future human population growth, urbanization, consumer preferences, human decisions regarding civic duties, and climate change. Students successfully completing this course will leave with an understanding of the need to sustainably e.
    Instructors: David W. Williams H. Davies Rebecca McCulley
    May be repeated for a maximum of nine credits. Prereq: Consent of appropriate instructor before registration. .
    Instructors: David W. Williams
    A field-based learning experience in plant and soil science under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Pass/fail only. Prereq: Complete learning contract before registration..
    Instructors: David W. Williams
    Pls490 - TOPICS IN PLANT AND SOIL SCIENCE. ; Credits - 3
    A capstone course for majors in Plant and Soil Science to be taken near the conclusion of the student's academic career. The course provides the student the opportunity to integrate knowledge acquired in previous courses in the plant and soil science and support areas. Emphasis will be placed on problem solving, synthesizing and integrating information, critical thinking, group activities, and written and oral communication. Instructional methods may include formal lectures, laboratories or supervised individual research. The specific nature of the course depends upon the student's Area of Emphasis within the Plant and Soil Science major. All topics offered will be approved by the Undergraduate Education Committee in the Area of Emphasis. Prereq: Senior in Plant and Soil Science. .
    Instructors: David W. Williams
    Pls515 - TURF MANAGEMENT; Credits - 3
    A study of the selection, culture, and management of certain turf species used for home lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and highway slopes. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours. Prereq: PLS 210 and PLS 366..
    Instructors: David W. Williams

Research/Teaching Publications

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Cropper, K.L., and D.W. Williams. 2013. The effect of combination dew removal and curative fungicide treatments on dollar spot disease of creeping bentgrass. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 12:91–96.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Kenneth Cropper
    Deaton, M.T., and D.W. Williams. 2013. Temperature effects on the speed and completion of germination of nineteen commercially available seeded bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) cultivars. HortTechnology 23(1):82–85.
    Deaton, M.T., and D.W. Williams. 2013. Trinexapac-ethyl and overseeding effects on shear strength of four bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L. [Pers.]) cultivars grown on sand-based system. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 12:163–168.
    Potter, D. A., C. T. Redmond, and D. W. Williams. 2012. Organic solution to reduce earthworm casts. New Zealand Turf Management Journal 29(2): 4-10. (D. W. Williams contributed to 1 publication in the Department of Entomology)
    Redmond, C., D. W. Williams, and D. A. Potter. 2012. Comparison of scarab grub populations and associated pathogens and parsitoids in warm-or-cool season grasses used on transitional zone golf courses. Journal of Economic Entomology 105(4): 1320-1328.
    King, B., D.W. Williams, and G.J. Wagner. 2011. Phylloplanins reduce the severity of gray leaf spot and brown patch diseases on turfgrasses. Crop Science 51(6):2829-2839. Published online: doi: 10.2135/cropsci2010.12.0727.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams George Wagner
    Maughan, M., G. Bollero, D.K. Lee, R. Darmody, S. Bonos, L. Cortese, J. Murphy, R. Gaussoin, M. Sousek, D. Williams, L. Williams, F. Miguez, and T. Voigt. 2011. Miscanthus x giganteus productivity: The effects of management in different environments. Global Change Biology–Bioenergy. Published online: doi: 10.1111/j.1757-1707.2011.01144.x.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Linda Williams
    Vincelli, P., D. Williams, and E. Dixon. 2011. Early curative fungicide applications provide disease control on fairway-height creeping bentgrass. Applied Turfgrass Science. Published online: doi: 10.1094/ATS-2011-1025-01-RS.
    Ahonsi, M.O., B.O. Agindotan, D.W. Williams, R. Arundale, M.E. Gray, T.B. Voigt, and C.A. Bradley. 2010. First report of Pithomyces chartarum causing a leaf blight of Miscanthus × giganteus in Kentucky. Plant Disease 94(4):480.
    Deaton, M.T., and D.W. Williams. 2010. Overseeding and trinexapac-ethyl effects on tolerance to simulated traffic of four bermuda grass cultivars grown as a sand-based athletic field. HortTechnology 20(4):724-729.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Michael Deaton
    Williams, D.W., P.B. Burrus, and K.L. Cropper. 2010. Seeded bermudagrass tolerance to simulated athletic field traffic as affected by cultivars and trinexapac-ethyl. HortTechnology 20(3):533-538.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Kenneth Cropper
    Stefaniak, T.R., T.D. Phillips, C.A. Rodgers, R. VanDyke, and D. Williams. 2009. The inheritance of cold tolerance and turf traits in a seeded bermudagrass population. Crop Science 49:1489-1495.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Tim Phillips
    Harrell, M.S., D. Williams, B. Brecke, and S. Davis. 2005. Evaluation of sulfonylurea herbicides on cool- and warm-season turf species. Applied Turfgrass Science.
    Williams, D., P. Burrus, R. King, E.K. Nelson, and J. Frelich. 2005. Comparisons of glyphosate-tolerant and glyphosate-susceptible creeping bentgrass genotypes in tiller production from stolon fragments. International Turf Society Research Journal.
    Patton, A.J., D.W. Williams, and Z.J. Reicher. 2004. Renovating golf course fairways with zoysiagrass seed. Horticulture Science 39:1483-1486.
    Patton, A.J., G.A. Hardebeck, D.W. Williams, and Z.J. Reicher. 2004. Establishment of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass by seed. Crop Science.
    Williams, D.W., and P.B. Burrus. 2004. Conversion of perennial ryegrass to bermudagrass using seeded cultivars, herbicides, and plant growth regulators. Horticulture Science 39(2):398-402.

    Other Research Publications

    Vincelli, P., E. Dixon, and D. Williams. 2012. Plant Disease Management Reports 2012. Efficacy of fungicides for control of brown patch in a tall fescue lawn, 2011. Volume 6. Report No. 6:T011.
    Vincelli, P., E. Dixon, and D. Williams. 2012. Plant Disease Management Reports 2012. Efficacy of fungicides for control of dollar spot in a mixed creeping bentgrass/Poa annua soil-based green, 2011. Volume 6. Report No. 6:T012.
    Vincelli, P., E. Dixon, and D. Williams. 2012. Plant Disease Management Reports 2012. Influence of fungicide spray programs on turf quality in a mixed creeping bentgrass/Poa annua soil-based green, 2011. Volume 6. Report No. 6:T013.
    Carter, S.K., D.W. Williams, C.H. Slack, and W.W. Witt. 2008. Tolerance of seedling turfgrass species to ALS inhibiting herbicides. Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society 61:111.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David W. Williams Charles Slack William Witt Sara Lawson

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