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Dean Scott Smith, Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Planning Committee: 

Nancy Cox
Lionel Williamson
Bob Harmon (Chairs) ASC
Horst Schach LA
Ernie Bailey VSC
Glenn Collins AGR
Lori Garkovich CLD 
Greg Brock FAM    
Bob Houtz HOR      
Lloyd Murdock (Princeton)
Paul Vincelli PPA
Larry Turner
Linus Walton
Gladys Hildreth (Chairs) FAM
Mary Arthur FOR
Ric Bessin ENT       
Liz Easter MAT
Lisa Gaetke NFS
Dave Harmon ASC
Steve Isaacs AEC    
Martha Nall CES
Steve Workman BAE

Trish Dyk (metrics, ESCOP Leadership Program)
David Ditsch (Ag Faculty Council)
Deborah Witham (editor)
Ashley Griffin (staff and Ag Communications support)
Kevin Veach (staff)
Three agents to be designated by Field Programs
Carmen Agouridas (graduate student)
Matt Meyer (student)

Sub-Committee Organization: 
Tentative organization of these will be:

  1. Sub-committee for Vision/Mission/Values statements (Smith chair)
  2. Sub-committee for Metrics and Indicators (Dyk chair)
  3. Goal Sub-committees
    1. National Prominence (Linus Walton chair)
    2. Outstanding Students (Faculty chair to be identified)
    3. Distinguished Faculty (Faculty chair to be identified)
    4. Discover New Knowledge (Nancy Cox chair)
    5. Nurture Diversity (Lionel Williamson chair)
    6. Quality of Life for Kentuckians (Larry Turner chair)

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