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Sub-Committee Organization: 

Smith, Chair
Isaacs                    Witham               Collins
Gaetke                   Cox                       Turner
Garkovich              Ditsch 

Metrics and Indicators
Dyk, Chair
Cox                         Walton                  Griffin

National Prominence
Walton, Chair
Bailey                    Workman               Veach
Brock                     Witham                  Bessin

Outstanding Students
Schach, Chair
Arthur                     Brock                     Griffin
Hildreth                 Stephenson          Meyer

Distinguished Faculty
Harmon, R., Chair
Arthur                    Gaetke                   Easter
Isaacs                  Ditsch                     Houtz 

Discover New Knowledge
Cox, Chair
Collins                   Bailey                    Houtz
Harmon, D.           Easter                   Agouridis 

Nurture Diversity
Williamson, Chair
Hildreth                   Dyk                       Workman
Garkovich               Nall                       Vincelli 

Quality of Life for Kentuckians
Turner, Chair
Bessin                    Murdock                 Vincelli
Comer                    Stephenson          Moore 

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