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Planning Timeline:

The tentative plan of work is as follows:

  1. Vision sub-committee Drafts Statements
  2. Committee meeting #1  (half-day in September)
    • Discussion of committee charge and responsibilities
    • Any additional background and resource materials
    • Review of U.K. plan format
    • Metrics and Indicators
    • Formation of sub-committees
    • Developing procedure for solicitation of input and feedback
    • Discussion of vision/mission/values statement drafts
    • First discussion of College name issue
  3. Solicit and collect general input
  4. Committee meeting #2 (October-November)
    • Review input
    • Committee discussion of vision/mission/values statement
    • Initial discussion of Six Goals, objectives and indicators by Goal sub-committee
    • Discuss preliminary recommendations on College name
  5. Solicit College input on preliminary draft of vision/mission/values statements
  6. Sub-committees draft six goal statements
  7. Committee meeting #3 (November-December)
    • Final discussion of mission/vision/values statement
    • Presentation of Six Goals drafts
    • Develop recommendation on College name
  8. Synthesis of final draft of plan by sub-committee (December)
  9. Circulation of final draft and recommendation on College name for final comment (January)
  10. Submission of College Strategic Plan by administration (February)
  11. Submission of proposal on College name by administration (if recommended)

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