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GROWING KY II CONFERENCE…The University of Kentucky Colleges of Agriculture and Fine Arts came together to host the second Growing Kentucky Conference on the UK campus.  Growing Kentucky II examined the issue of sustainability, the future of the family farm, and the need for a local food supply.

GOVERNOR’S SUMMIT ON AGRICULTURE…Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher called the first Governor’s Summit on Agriculture to talk about the future of the state’s $4 billion dollar agriculture industry.  The one-day meeting attracted state ag leaders and more than 400 attendees.

FAMILY MEAL CLUB…Studies show when young people sit down and eat together at meal time with their families they are less likely to be involved in negative behavior like drugs and alcohol.  That’s the idea behind the Family Meal Club in Edmonson County. 

FLOYD COUNTY CANCER VIDEO…A new video released by the Floyd County Cooperative Extension Service promotes the early detection and prevention of cancer.  That’s important in Floyd County which ranks in the top five in Kentucky for cancer and mortality from the disease.
SECOND WIND DREAMS…An international program designed to bring senior citizens living in elder care communities to the forefront of society has come to Kentucky.  The Henry County Cooperative Extension Service is granting wishes for senior citizens with the help of community partners.

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