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MASTER GRAZING PROGRAM…This summer’s drought conditions in Kentucky have put the Master Grazing Program from the UK Cooperative Extension Service to the test. While some producers are having trouble feeding their cattle, one beef cattle producer is having success with the Master Grazing Program by having plenty of grass for his cattle to graze and lots of stored hay for the winter ahead.

PERVIOUS CONCRETE PADS…Washing down a skittish horse can be a dangerous task for both the owner and animal.  Researchers in the UK College of Agriculture are taking a close look at a new type of concrete surface that may address safety issues for both horse and owner.

CARBON DIOXIDE SEQUESTRATION…Since Kentucky heavily relies on coal for electricity…some experts worry about the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere. Researchers at the University of Kentucky think they may have a solution that could help the environment in the bluegrass state…and beyond.

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE…The newly initiated community supported agriculture project is part of UK’s Sustainable Agriculture degree program.  See how it is reaching out to the university community and beyond.

DISTILLERS GRAIN GOAT STUDY…More ethanol plants projected to come on line over the next several years could result in lower feed costs for livestock producers.  The UK Cooperative Extension Service is studying whether by-products from ethanol production can be an economical and efficient feed for goats.

YOUTH BASEBALL STUDY…For many kids, throwing a baseball is just part of growing up. As it turns out, there may be more to that than you might think.
4-H QUILT PROJECT…Thanks to the generosity of the 4-H Sewing Club in Warren County, new born babies will be wrapped in the warmth of hand-made quilts.  The 4-H club took advantage of the opportunity to work on a community service project over the summer. 14 quilts in all were made to be given to expectant mothers from the Pregnancy Support Center.

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