Kentucky 4H History

Kentucky Cooperative Extension, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture and the Kentucky State University



The 4-H Pledge

I Pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking,

my HEART to greater loyalty,

my HANDS to larger service,

and my HEALTH to better living,

for my club, my community,

my country, and my world.

Audio History

Joe Williams, 4-H volunteer and former agriculture communications specialist for the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, interviewed 4-H volunteers and agents. Listen as they tell their unique 4-H stories.

Lena Belle Dorn

Lena Bell Dorn was a lifelong 4-H volunteer in Mason County. She was in 4-H as a young person only a short time, but was a 4-H volunteer practically her entire adult life. Joe Williams interviewed Lena Bell on a bus returning from the Southern Region 4-H volunteer Forum in Georgia. Topics this conversation includes:

  • First volunteer experience
  • Started club named the Dover Live Wires
  • 33 years as a 4-H camp volunteer
  • What former members are doing today
  • Thoughts on volunteerism
  • 4-H activities

Addie Fereday

Addie Fereday was a 4-H volunteer in Jefferson County for 38 years. This interview was conducted by Joe Williams on August 16, 1996. Topics include:

  • First volunteer experience in 1958
  • 4-H agents in her county
  • Serving as dog club leader
  • How 4-H has impacted the lives of youth
  • 4-H Camp
  • Club activities
  • Fundraising
  • Kentucky State Fair
  • Benefits of 4-H