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grower visits
Grower visit to a Kentucky vineyard


NC State
Examining NC State University Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center boxwood blight fungicide trials

Extension faculty are responsible for communicating with county agents, growers, and the public, to "extend" relevant findings of this department and the research community at large. Extension faculty are:

  • Donald E. Hershman: Soybeans and small grains (Princeton)
  • Search in Progress: Tobacco, vegetables, and greenhouse systems
  • Paul Vincelli: Turf, forages, corn, and forest trees
  • Nicole Ward Gauthier: Ornamentals (landscape, nursery, and greenhouse) and fruit crops


Extension Staff

  • Bernadette Amsden, Research Analyst
  • Julie Beale, Plant Disease Diagnostician
  • Ed Dixon, Research Analyst
  • Cheryl Kaiser, Extension Staff Associate
  • Brenda Kennedy, Plant Disease Diagnostician (Princeton)
  • Sara Long, Diagnostic Assistant


Extension Emeritus Faculty

  • John R. Hartman
  • William C. Nesmith

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