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Graduate Education

Faculty Mentors

The following faculty members are available to act as major professors for graduate students:

Carl Bradley Extension Faculty. Research and Education Center, Princeton, KY. Disease management of corn, small grains, and soybeans.
Mark L. Farman Phytopathogenic fungi; fungal genetics; the fungal genome: structure and evolution; molecular evolution of host specificity; molecular genetics of oomycetes.
Michael Goodin Virology: cell biology and biochemistry of plant negative-strand RNA viruses with emphasis on interactions, nuclear import and export of viral proteins. Genomics: changes in host gene expression in response to viral infection. Plant biotechnology: development of transient expression vectors for plants based upon Agrobacterium tumefaciens and viruses.
Aardra Kachroo Host defense signaling; Dissecting defense-signaling pathways in Arabidopsis and soybean plants using mutant analysis and virus-induced gene silencing to examine gene functions involved in resistance signaling to viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens; examining the interconnection between normal metabolic pathways and defense signaling in host; deciphering the various regulatory roles of fatty acids and glycerol in plants.
Pradeep Kachroo Host-Pathogen Interactions: Molecular basis of signaling mechanisms underlying a resistance response; Salicylic Acid and Jasmonic acid signaling in plants; Cross talk between various defense signaling pathways; Fatty acid signaling and its role in defense response.
Peter D. Nagy Virology; molecular biology and biochemistry of plant viruses. Mechanism of virus replication; Mechanism of recombination; Virus evolution; RNA-protein interaction.
Emily E. Pfeufer Extension Faculty. Management of plant disease in tobacco and vegetables (field and greenhouse production systems).
Christopher L. SchardlDepartment Chair. Symbiotic fungi, particularly grass endophytes; functional genomics of plant-fungus interactions; fungal genetics and metabolism; pharmaceuticals and neurotoxins produced by fungi; biological plant protection; evolution of mutualism and parasitism; molecular systematics of fungi; novel methods in phylogenetics and phylogenomics.
Lisa J. Vaillancourt Director of Graduate Studies. Fungal genetics; molecular regulation of fungal development and of fungus-plant disease interactions; Colletotrichum pathogenicity and population biology; anthracnose leaf blight and stalk rot in corn; development of infection structures in the corn anthracnose fungus, Colletotrichum graminicola; genetic regulation of sexual reproduction in fungi.
Paul Vincelli Extension Faculty. Management of diseases of turf, forages, and forest trees. Disease epidemiology. Molecular diagnostics.
Nicole Ward Gauthier Extension Faculty. Disease management of ornamentals (landscape, nursery and greenhouse) and fruit crops, and hemp.

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