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John R. Hartman, Ph.D.

John R. Hartman, Ph.D.
Extension Plant Pathologist

Department of Plant Pathology
Room 203 Plant Science Building
University of Kentucky
1405 Veterans Drive
Lexington, KY 40546-0312 USA
telephone: (859) 257-7445, ext. 80720
FAX: (859) 323-1961

  • B.S. in Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1965
  • M.S. in Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1970
  • Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, (Botany minor) University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971
  • 1971-present: University of Kentucky Department of Plant Pathology
  • Assistant Extension Professor, Associate Extension Professor, and Extension Professor
  • Sabbatic year study leaves:
  • University of California - Davis, 1980-81
  • Agricultural Development and Advisory Service - Wye, Ashford, Kent, England, 1988-89
  • Plant Pathology Unit, INRA - Angers, France, 1996-97




Apple sooty blotch & flyspeck

  • Implement Extension educational programming and conduct applied research on:
    • Landscape plant diseases
    • Fruit crop diseases
    • Nursery and greenhouse crop diseases
    • Urban horticulture plant diseases
    • Forest diseases
  • Teach a graduate-level course on plant disease diagnosis (PPA-640)
  • Coordinate Extension Plant Pathology programs
  • Recent plant disease research efforts:
    • Etiology and control of dogwood powdery mildew (Phyllactinia spp. and Erysiphe pulchra)
    • Management of apple sooty blotch and flyspeck (complex of fungi)
    • Latent pathogenicity, biology, and control of pine tip blight (Sphaeropsis sapinea)
    • Effect of leaf wetness duration, temperature, and conidial inoculum dose on apple scab (Venturia inaequalis)
    • Impact and management of oak and landscape tree bacterial leaf scorch (Xylella fastidiosa)
    • Forest and nursery survey and detection of sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum)
Professional Affiliations
  • American Phytopathological Society
    • Diseases of Ornamental Plants Committee
    • International Society of Arboriculture
  • Arboricultural Research and Education Academy
  • Kentucky Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
  • Instructor, Certified Arborists program, International Society of Arboriculture
Refereed Publications and Books
  • Flowers, J., J. Hartman, and L. Vaillaincourt. 2003. Detection of Latent Sphaeropsis sapinea Infections in Austrian and Scots Pine Tissues using Nested-PCR. Phytopathology 93:1471-1477.
  • Flowers, J., E. Nuckles, J. Hartman, and L. Vaillancourt. 2001. Latent Infection of Austrian and Scots Pine Tissues by Sphaeropsis sapinea. Plant Disease 85:1107-1112.
  • Johnson, M. P., J. Hartman, R. McNiel, and W. Fountain. 2001. Evaluation of Dogwood and Birch Species and Cultivars for Resistance to Key Insect Pests and Diseases. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 19:73-77.
  • Gleason, M., and J. Hartman. 2001. Chapter 60, Maple Diseases, In: Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees in Nurseries, 236-241. APS Press, St. Paul.
  • Hartman, J., C. Hodges, and E. Barnard. 2001. Chapter 68, Pine Diseases, In: Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees in Nurseries, 280-297. APS Press, St. Paul.
  • Hartman, J. 2001. Chapter 79, Sycamore and Planetree Diseases, In: Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees in Nurseries, 355-359. APS Press, St. Paul.
  • Hartman, J. R., Paulin, J.-P., Parisi, L., and S. Thompson. 2000. INRA and apple disease research in the Loire Valley Region of France. Plant Dis 84:928-936.
  • Hartman, J.R., M.A. Sall, and T.P. Pirone. 2000. Pirone’s Tree Maintenance, 7 th Edition. Oxford University Press, N. Y. 545 pp.
  • Vaillancourt, L.J. and Hartman, J.R. 2000. Apple scab. The Plant Health Instructor. DOI:
  • 10.1094/PHI-I-2000-1005-01 (On-line “Lesson” prepared for APSnet and is located under APS educational resources).
  • Hartman, J. R., Parisi, L., and Bautrais, P. 1999. Effect of leaf wetness duration, temperature, and conidial inoculum dose on apple scab infections. Plant Dis. 83:531-534.
  • Hartman, J. R., R. T. Bessin, G. R. Brown, R. T. Jones, et J. G. Strang. 1997. La protection intégrée en verger de pommiers dans le Kentucky. Phytoma 495:45-47
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