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Donald E. Hershman, Ph.D.

Donald E. Hershman, Ph.D.
Extension Plant Pathologist

University of Kentucky Research and Education Center
1205 Hopkinsville Street
Princeton,KY 42445 USA

telephone: (270) 365-7541 x 215
fax: (270) 365-2667

Education Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, 1983, Rutgers University
M.S. in Plant Pathology, 1981, Rutgers University
B.A. in Biology, 1978, West Chester State College
Focus State-wide educational and applied research programs in disease management of:
  • Soybean
  • Wheat

Professional interest and programs include:
  • Appropriate use of fungicides in grain crops, wheat Fusarium head blight, soybean cyst nematode, soybean rust monitoring, strobilurn-resistant frogeye leaf spot (soybean), Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus
  • Participation in international, national, regional and state level plant pathology projects and programs
  • Cooperative programs and projects with colleagues in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Plant and Soil Sciences
Awards, Recognition, Service 2009 to Present
  • 2012 Co-recipient, International IPM Award for Excellence
  • 2012 Co-recipient, ESCOP National Multi-State Research Award for Excellence
  • 2011 Southern Soybean Disease Workers Special Recognition Award
  • 2009 Kentucky Association of State Extension Professionals M. D. Whiteker Award for Excellence in Extension
  • 2009 Co-recipient, American Society of Agronomy Extension Education Materials Award for Excellence
Professional Affiliations
  • American Phytopathological Society: National and North Central Division
  • Midsouth Association of Wheat Scientists
  • NCERA-184 Small Grains Wheat Disease Committee
  • NCERA-208 Soybean Rust Committee
  • Southern Soybean Disease Workers
Recent Journal Publications 2009 to Present
  • Bradley, C.A., T. W. Allen, A. E. Dorrance, W. J. Dunphy, L. J. Giesler, D. E. Hershman, C. A. Hollier, V. Horn, J. A. Wrather. 2010. Evaluation of the Soybean Rust Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (PIPE) Public Website’s Impact on Certified Crop Advisers.  Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2010-0701-01-RS.
  • Hershman, D. E., E. J. Sikora., and L. J. Gielser.  2011.  Soybean Rust PIPE: Past, Present, and Future.  J. of Integrated Pest Mgmt 2(2); DOI:
  • Khatabi, B., R. H. Wen, D.E. Hershman, B,. S. Kennedy, M. A. Newman and M. R. Hajimorad. 2012. Generation of polyclonal antibodies and serological analyses of nucleocapsid protein of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus: A distinct soybean infecting tospovirus serotype. Eur. J. Plant. Pathol. 133:783-790.
  • Kumudini, S., C. V. Godoy, B. Kennedy, E. Prior, J. Omielan, H. R. Boerma, and D. Hershman.  2010. Role of host-plant resistance and disease development stage on leaf photosynthetic competence of soybean rust infected leaves. Crop Science 50: 6: 2533-2542.
  • McMullen, M., G. Bergstrom, E. DeWolf, R. Dill-Macky, D. Hershman, G. Shaner, D. Van Sanford.  2012. A Unified Effort to Fight an Enemy of Wheat and Barley: Fusarium Head Blight.  Plant Dis 96(12):1712-1728.
  • Paul, P. A., M. P. McMullen, D. E. Hershman, and L. V. Madden. 2010. Meta-analysis of the effects of triazole-based fungicides on wheat yield and test weight as influenced by Fusarium head blight intensity. Phytopathology 100: 160-171.
  • Willyerd, K. T., Li, C., Madden, L. V., Bradley, C. A., Bergstrom, G. C., Sweets, L. E., McMullen, M., Ransom, J. K., Grybauskas, A., Osborne, L.,Wegulo, S. N., Hershman, D. E., Wise, K., Bockus, W. W., Groth, D., Dill-Macky, R., Milus, E., Esker, P. D., Waxman, K. D., Adee, E. A., Ebelhar,S. E., Young, B. G., and Paul, P. A. 2012. Efficacy and stability of integrating fungicide and cultivar resistance to manage Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in wheat. Plant Dis. 96:957-967.
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