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Research and Extension Support Staff

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Bernadette Amsden

Research Analyst; Diagnostics

Jannine Baker

Principal Research Analyst; Virology

Julie Beale

Plant Disease Diagnostician, Lexington

Alfred Byrd

Research Analyst; Molecular Genetics

Amy Crume

Research Analyst; Greenhouse

Ed Dixon

Research Analyst; Field Research

Shirley Harris

Office Manager

Wendy Havens

Principal Research Analyst; Virology

Melanie Heist

Research Analyst: Molecular Genetics

Walter Hollin

Principal Research Analyst; Mycology

Sarah Holton

Greenhouse Manager

Cheryl Kaiser

Extension Staff Associate

Brenda Kennedy

Plant Disease Diagnostician, Princeton

Alicia Landon

Amin. Support Assoc./Purchasing

Ludmila Lapchyk

Research Analyst; Plant Biology

Kimberly Leonberger

Extension Associate

Sara Long

Diagnostic Assistant

Kelsey Mehl

Extension Associate, Princeton

Etta Nuckles

Research Specialist; Mycology

Judit Pogany

Research Specialist; Virology

Elizabeth Vice

Admin. Support Assoc./Accounting

Renyuan Wang

Research Specialist; Virology

Keshuyn Yu

Research Specialist: Plant Disease Resistance

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