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Paul Vincelli, Ph.D.

Paul Vincelli , Ph.D.
Extension Professor and
Provost's Distinguished Service Professor

Department of Plant Pathology
University of Kentucky
207 Plant Science Bldg
Lexington, KY 40546-0312

telephone: (859) 218-0722
FAX: (859) 323-1961

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Food System Sustainability



Education Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Cornell University, 1988
M.S. Plant Pathology, Rutgers University, 1983
B.A. Botany, Rutgers University, 1981
Focus & Responsibilities Extension and Research
  • Management of diseases of turf, forages, corn, and forest trees
  • International agriculture
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Programming on diverse topics relating to sustainability of food systems
  • Kentucky Co-Coordinator for the Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension (SARE) Program

  • PPA-641, Plant Disease, Population Biology, and Biotechnology
  • PPA-620, Fungicides, Advanced Concepts
  • PPA-630, Introduction to Genetically Engineered Crops, Risks and Benefits I
  • PPA-631, Introduction to Genetically Engineered Crops, Risks and Benefits II
  • Advanced Concepts in Sustainable Crop Production and Disease Management, Insights from Nicaragua (Education Abroad course)
Employment Highlights
  • Extension Professor, University of Kentucky. Member of the faculty since 1990.
  • Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. 1988-1990
  • Botanist, U.S. Peace Corps, Colombia and Nicaragua. 1977-1980
Awards, Recognition, Service
  • Councilor-At-Large, American Phytopathological Society, 2015-2018
  • Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to Nicaragua, 2014
  • Fulbright Specialist in Agriculture Award to Uruguay, 2013
  • M. Whitekar Award for Excellence in Extension, 2012
  • Great Teacher Award, University of Kentucky Alumni Association, 2011
  • Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching, University of Kentucky, 2011
  • Provost's Distinguished Service Professorship, Awarded 2007
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, American Phytopathological Society, 2007
  • Fulbright Scholar Award to Uruguay, 2005.
  • Master Teacher Award, Gamma Sigma Delta, Kentucky Chapter, 2004.
  • Kentucky Turfgrass “Man of the Year”, Kentucky Turfgrass Conference, 2002
Selected Publications
  • Vincelli, P., 2016. Genetic engineering and sustainable crop disease management: Opportunities for case-by-case decision-making. Sustainability 8(5), 495; doi: 10.3390/su8050495.
  • Vincelli, P., and Lee, C. 2015. Influence of open alleys in field trials assessing yield effects from fungicides in corn. Plant Disease 99:263-266.
  • Vincelli, P. and Humble, J. 2013. Climate Change Extension, Presenting the Science is Necessary but Insufficient. The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses. 4(4):109-116.
  • Vincelli, P., and Amsden, B. 2013. Comparison of tissue-disruption methods for PCR-based detection of plant pathogens. Plant Dis. 97:363-368.
  • Vincelli, P., Meyer, L., Burris, R., Coolong, T., Bessin, R., Bewley, J., Taraba, J., Barnes, T., McCulley, R., and Wagner, G. 2011. Climate Change: A Brief Summary for Kentucky Extension Agents. ID-191, 4 pp.
  • Vincelli, P., Williams, D.W., and Dixon, E. 2011. Early curative fungicide applications provide disease control on fairway-height creeping bentgrass. Online. Applied Turfgrass Science. doi:10.1094/ATS-2011-1025-01-RS.
  • Vincelli, P., and Seebold, K. 2009. Report of a Watermelon mosaic potyvirus strain in Kentucky undetected by ELISA. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2009-0313-01-BR.
  • Vincelli, P. and Tisserat, N. 2008. Nucleic acid-based pathogen detection in applied plant pathology. Plant Dis. 92:660-669.
  • Vincelli, P. 2004. Simulations of fungicide runoff following applications for turfgrass disease control. Plant Dis.88:391-396.
  • Vincelli, P., and Dixon, E. 2002. Resistance to Q o I (strobilurin-like) fungicides in isolates of Pyricularia grisea from perennial ryegrass. Plant Disease 85:235-240.
  • Vincelli, P., Henning, J., Hendrick, T., Brown, J., Osborne, L. J., Prewitt, B., Shields, V., Sorrell, D., Strohmeier, K. D., Tackett, R., and Wyles, J. W. 2000. Improved seedling health, yield, and stand persistence with Aphanomyces root rot-resistant alfalfa following natural epidemics. Agron. J. 92:1071-1076.


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