The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation (UKGERF), a 501c3 Corporation, has been successful in its efforts to provide the format to disseminate information to and from the horse industry.  The dual purpose of the Foundation is to facilitate the exchange of information with the equine industry and to secure funding for equine research at the University of Kentucky (UK). Through the collaborative efforts of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Department of Veterinary Science, the UKGERF board, and a committee of university researchers and area veterinarians, we strive to provide the university and our industry with current information and future needs. The UKGERF biannual publication, the Equine Research & Service Report, provides the industry with information from the Department of Veterinary Science, which includes research updates, current investigation information, researcher spotlights and available services.

Read the latest information on MRLS (Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome).

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