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AppleNothing says fall like a sweet, crunchy apple right off the tree. Well you may not be able to visit an orchard to pick your own this year, but come with us on our Electronic Field Trip to an Orchard and experience the next best thing!

Haney's Appledale Farms, a family owned-and-operated apple and peach orchard in central Kentucky, welcomes you for a year-long visit to their operation. Don and Mark Haney show-and-tell us how they select, plant, cultivate, manage, harvest, and market their fruit.

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Classroom Activities
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This program features several sciences:

Horticulture - The production and management of fruit trees
Economics - Marketing a perishable product, setting prices, and building a niche market.
Entomology - Honeybees used for pollination
Botany - Pollination and fruit production

An Electronic Field Trip to An Orchard is 30-minutes in length and targets grades 5-9.

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