College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Academic Programs 2012 Annual Report

Lots of records were set by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment this year: freshman class, total undergraduates, total graduate students, grand total students, and total degrees awarded. Of course, that means a lot of our 18 majors continued to grow; a sample is shown on the next page. Still, the personal side of our college shines through beyond the mere numbers. Meet Sarah, Olimpia, and Eric, three of our special undergraduates. Our college is chock full of such students, and we have the privilege of interacting with them every day. Note, too, that the College was especially honored that two more of our faculty—Professor Roberta Dwyer, Veterinary Science, and Professor John Grove, Plant and Soil Sciences—were named Great Teachers by the UK Alumni Association.

Larry Grabau
Associate Dean for Instruction
N-6 Ag Science North
(859) 257-3468



Year: Sophomore
Major: Entomology. “Because my dad works in pest control and I grew up surrounded by the pest control industry, I became interested in it at a young age. I decided I wanted to pursue entomology at UK and go into pest control after college.”
Home: The Bahamas. She chose UK because it offered an undergraduate entomology degree.
Extracurricular activity: Sits on the executive board of the UK chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences, a national student organization. “My involvement in MANRRS has been memorable. They have helped me move forward in my professional development, and it is like a family atmosphere. They also helped me with my transition at UK, since I joined (the chapter) as a freshman.”
Impressions of the College: “I feel like it is a close knit family in the College of Agriculture. They offer so much to help students.”



Year: Junior
Major: Dietetics. “I have had diabetes since I was six and have seen a dietician my whole life. I have learned, through proper eating, that I can manage my diabetes. I want to take what dieticians have helped me with and pass that on to other people.”
Home: Covington, Ky.
Future plans: Eric has been accepted to the 2015 Coordinated Program in Dietetics. He hopes this supervised practice component of his degree will help him determine his exact career path.
What’s good about the program? The practical application the Dietetics program offers in the kitchen. “Coming into the kitchen has been fantastic. Learning to cook and learning the science behind it is very cool.”
Extracurricular activity: Eric is the co-president of UK’s Kayak Club, a member of UK’s Shaolin-Do Karate Club, and is on UK’s Dodge Ball Team.



Year: Junior
Major: Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a focus on invertebrate ecology and conservation biology. Currently doing undergraduate research related to conservation biological control. “I’m really interested in a career that is not just a job; I'm interested in a career that makes a positive impact. For me, that is preserving nature.”
Home: Lexington, Ky.
Most memorable experience at UK: NRES Summer Camp, a three-week field course in Robinson Forest. “It was great to be learning, but also to be outside for three weeks.” This summer Sarah is participating in a study abroad program, Tropical Agroecology and Sustainable Development in Indonesia.
What’s next? After graduation, Sarah wants to work somewhere in the tropics. “I’d like to get my hands dirty first before I jump back into school.” She enjoys research and eventually would like to get a master’s degree in environmental science.

Student Profiles written by Melissa Patrick