Looking back: The Ag Magazine

The Ag Magazine has been filled with College news and useful information, but for me it has been more about the stories.

From a Farm, We Grew

Driving past UK's campus near the Chandler Medical Center and the football stadium, it's hard to believe that the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment's research farm was once located there.

A Degree Above

The Agricultural Biotechnology Program consistently produces some of the most successful graduates around. Students who complete the program go on to become physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

No Business Like Sheep Business

Sheep are prolific, can thrive on marginal lands, don't need a lot of space, and the initial investment is small compared to other livestock. What's not to love?

Academic Programs & Advancement Annual Reports

The College set a lot of records in 2012: freshman class size, total undergraduates and graduate students, and degrees awarded. Total giving topped $5.7 million.