Academic Programs 2013 Annual Report

The Office of Academic Programs is dedicated to helping students, staff, and faculty succeed in the teaching and learning environment provided by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. We do that by helping prospective students find out if the college is a good fit for them, working with students on scholarships, helping students find their way when they sometimes struggle, and developing possibilities for internships and permanent employment. Rather than bragging about what we do, we prefer to highlight a small sample of the students who come through the college; they are influenced in remarkably positive ways by other students, faculty, and staff. We like to think of ourselves as facilitating this very constructive learning environment.

Larry Grabau
Associate Dean for Instruction
N-6 Ag Science North
(859) 257-3469


Photo of Colleen Haggarthy, Courtesy of Wine and Market

Photo by Stephen Patton, Courtesy of Wine and Market

Year: Senior

Major:Hospitality management and tourism

Career goal: Event planner for a vineyard. “You don’t do it for the parties; you do it to make other people happy.”

Why a vineyard, specifically: “I grew up with a wine-loving family; wine was served with every dinner. My mother’s side has a lot of French in it. So I grew up to love and respect wine.”

Hometown: Raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, until sixth grade, then lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and finally settled in Williamstown. “People ask me, what do you remember about Canada? I say, the snow. As cheesy as that sounds, you really just remember the snow.”

Most memorable moment at UK: “Having Lilly Pulitzer’s dream team come to UK was absolutely amazing. I got to be one of the students who were involved with it. I got to work with a corporate-level, very professional industry. I made business connections. The fact that UK gave me the opportunity to work with such a well-respected company is amazing. It was a very big honor to be able to work for them.”



Colton Woods

Photo by Matt Barton

Year: Senior

Major:Equine science and management

Hometown: High Point, North Carolina

Why UK? “My dad went here, so I grew up bleeding blue. But as an equine major, you can’t beat the atmosphere here and all the connections the university has for internships and career opportunities.”

What about horses attracts you? “My passion for horses started when I worked with an equine rescue group in High Point. I was one of the younger guys there, so I could help them with a lot of the physical labor. Then I got interested in helping them rehome horses. I think they’re the most honest species you can work with. They give you a real honest sense of how to go about your day and how to live life in general.”

Extracurricular: Alpha Gamma Rho, an agriculture fraternity. “AGR’s professional and social opportunities have made my collegiate experience complete.”

Proud moment: Being named 2013 Equine Science Management Intern of the Year. “That was absolutely phenomenal to receive that. That is definitely something I’ll treasure for a long, long, long time.”



Daniella Straathof

Photo by Stephen Patton

Year: Junior

Major:Ag economics. “I have a passion for the people aspect of agriculture—helping farmers become more efficient and effective, because they already perform such a noble task. Farmers work so hard, they have such great character. They’ve done a lot for me, so I want to see what I can do for them.”

Home: Raised on a hog farm near Siebengewald, the Netherlands, until she was 12, when her family moved to Washington Court House, Ohio, to farm.

Extracurricular activities:
CAFE student ambassador, Agricultural Economics Quiz Bowl team member, a UK Chellgren Fellow, and active in Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Career plans: “I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but I want to try as many things as I can possibly try to make sure I know what I enjoy the most and where I can make the most significant impact.”

Impressions of the college: “I love the College of Agriculture. I love its personality. As an ambassador, people expect you to say great things, but I truly believe them with all of my heart.”


Fast Facts for 2013-2014:

Total College Enrollment—3,144
Freshman class—412
Undergraduate students—2,665
Graduate students—479
Undergraduate students in Human Environmental Sciences—969
BS degrees awarded—576
MS and PhD degrees awarded—113
Faculty named Great Teacher—Mark Coyne
Female students—65%

Dollars of undergraduate scholarships awarded—$612,519
Undergraduate students receiving a CAFE scholarship—440

Selected Undergraduate Enrollments:

Animal Sciences—294
Human Nutrition—284
Retailing and Tourism Management—281
Agricultural Economics—266
Equine Science and Management—266 Dietetics—248
Agricultural Biotechnology— 177
Family Sciences — 156
Community and Leadership Development—155
Biosystems Engineering—144