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These features from the College of Agriculture are provided to Public Radio Stations throughout Kentucky.

January 2012- LANDSCAPING FOR WINTER - When planting home gardens and landscapes many people don't consider planning to enjoy all the different season of the year. The colder winter months can also offer a unique beauty to the outdoor garden display. Brad Beckman reports.

January 2012- UK STUDENTS BUILD SHADE STRUCTURE FOR PLAYGROUND - UK Landscape Architecture Students completed a service learning project for one their required courses and children from the Early Childhood Development Lab will benefit. Jeff Franklin reports.

December 2011- YOUNG KENTUCKY ENTREPRENEURS - Some rural areas of Kentucky are more impacted by the recent economic downturn than others. Brad Beckman reports on unique learning opportunity that is creating some young entrepreneurs.

December 2011- CHRISTMAS TREES AND POINSETTIAS - Jeff Franklin talks with UK Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill and Extension Horticulture Specialist Rick Durham about Christmas trees and poinsettias.

December 2011- KENTUCKY AG ECONOMIC OUTLOOK - University of Kentucky Agricultural Economists forecast Kentucky's farm economy for 2012. Jeff Franklin reports.

October 2009- TREES, TRAILS AND CREATURES - fall visit to the Kentucky Arboretum

September 2009-GOATS ON LANDFILL- using animals to clear the land

August 2009 -HERDING ANIMALS FOR THE DOGS- training provided to assist farmers

July 2009- PILLOWCASES FOR CHILDREN - sewing project turns community service

June 2009- HELPFUL INSECT SEARCH - youngsters recognize the importance of bugs

April 2009- A RESERVOIR OF GOODWILL - 100 years of 4-H in Kentucky

March 2009- URBAN FORESTRY - homeowners with forested land


January 2009- SWITCHGRASS - promising opportunities from a native plant

December 2008- PHONE CENTER -

November 2008- MBA's in the KITCHEN

October 2008- FAMILY FUN ON THE FARM - the rise of agri-tourism in Kentucky

September 2008- RESCUING LARGE ANIMALS - essential training for farmers

August 2008- GROWING A COMMUNITY - the Hispanic Garden Project


June 2008- GOATS SERVICING AGRICULTURE - Kudzu removed by critters

May 2008- SONG OF MAY - periodical Cicadas return

April 2008- JOHNSON COUNTY AGRI-TOURISM- along the music trail

March 2008- FARM FRESH - supporting local Kentucky producers

February 2008- COCORAS WEATHER NETWORK - statewide reporting of local conditions