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What did you see?

After watching the video, you should be able to answer the following questions.   If you can answer these, you're a beef cattle expert!

1. 254 acres
94 acres
158 acres
What is the average farm size in Kentucky?
2. May, June & July
February, March & April
October, November & December
What are the normal months of the breeding season? 
3. Soybean
What crop complements the seasonal rhythm of beef cattle?
4. 100 to 150 pounds
50 to 90 pounds
25 to 45 pounds
What is the average weight of a newborn calf?
5. Because its easy to do
Because it allows the use of genetically superior bulls
Because it is the easiest method of breeding cattle for producers
Why would a beef producer use artificial insemination with his/her beef herd?
6. Chicken Pox
Black Leg
Name one common disease of cattle.
7. A protein obtained from uncooked animal by-products
A genetic mistake in the DNA of cattle
A rare type of grass only found in Europe
What is thought to cause Mad Cow Disease?
8. 25%
What percentage of greenhouse gas is produced by cattle?
9. Whole life
1 year
10 years
How long will the cannula stay in the side of the research heifer?
10. Railroad access
Proximity to food source
More people live there
Why is the Midwest suited for raising beef cattle?
11. Sitting down
Standing up
Laying down
In what position do cattle usually sleep?
12. 2 years
12 years
7 years
How long do cattle usually live?

13. July and August
April and May
February and March
What months are the least busy on a beef cattle farm?

If there is money in the bank and if there are cattle in the field
Vaccination and supplying large amounts of water
Keeping good records and supplying a good food source

Name two factors that determine if a beef cattle farm will be profitable.
15. Sanitation, nutrition and vaccination
Vaccination, nutrition and good fence
Supplying feed, sanitation, and keeping good records
How can diseases in cattle be prevented?

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