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After watching the Electronic Field Trip to a Beef Farm, you should be able to define the following words and terms.  Match each word or term with the correct definition.

Definition: Practice of breeding cows with frozen semen from superior bulls
Definition: Pregnancy
Definition: Female bovine prior to puberty or first reproduction
Definition: area of land designed for Grazing by livestock
Definition: Any immature bovine
Definition: The hole in the research heifer's side
Definition: Fermented chopped corn or sorghum plants
Definition: Bolus of semi chewed digesta a bovine regurgitates and re-chews
Definition: Part of the ruminant stomach that is a large fermentation vat
Definition: Biological given to an animal to prevent disease
Definition: Mature female bovine
Definition: March-May for spring calving cow herds
Definition: Restraining device that protects animal and producer
Definition: Process of animal consuming pasture
Definition: Period of milk production
Definition: Hard plastic ring and stopper that closes the opening in research heifer's side
Definition: Male bovine castrated prior to puberty
Definition: High energy feed used especially with growing finishing cattle
Definition: Mature intact male bovine
Definition: Chewing a cud
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