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Horse Markings

You have probably seen horses on television in races like the Kentucky Derby or the Belmont Stakes or you even may have seen horses in pastures while you were driving in the countryside.  Horses have markings that we use to distinguish them from one another.  Study the head and leg markings on these horses and then take the quiz to see how much you remember about the markings of horses.

Head Markings

Horse Face Markings

A. Star - A solid white mark on forehead.
B. Stripe - A white mark starting at eye level or below and ending on or above upper lip.
C. Snip - A white or beige mark over the muzzle between the nostrils
D. Blaze - A wide patch of white extending down the face and covering the full width of the nasal bones.
E. Bald Face - A wide white marking which extends beyond both eyes and nostrils.

Leg Markings

Horse Leg Markings

A. Heel
B. Coronet
C. Half-Pastern
D. Pastern
E. Ankle
F. Partial-Half Stocking
G. Stocking

Information Source: Methods of Identification for Horses, Craig Wood, Department of Animal Sciences, Extension Publication ASC 146, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture.

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