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HOOF.GIF (12230 bytes)Hoof Parts

The hoof is essential to the soundness and well being of the horse.  The hoof must be cleaned, trimmed, and shoed regularly to ensure the horse will not have any adverse side effects.  The hoof will grow 1/4 to 1/2 an inch per month.  This means that the hoof must be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.   A horse has heels and toes on its foot like you but what other parts does it have?

Horse hoof parts descriptions

Toe - front portion of the hoof.
Hoof Wall - portion of the foot that is visible when the horse is standing.  Made up of three parts; the toe, quarter, and heel.  There are three layers: the periople, tectorial, and tubular layers.
Sole - a conclave plate that includes all of the ground surface on the foot not occupied by the wall or the frog.
White Line - separates the outer and inner margins of the sole.  It is a useful landmark for driving nails in shoeing.
Quarter - the sides of the hoof.
Frog - the sensitive area in the center of the foot.  It is the cushion for the foot.
Heel - the back most portion of the hoof.

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