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Although horses were domesticated around Mongolia, breeds of horses have been developed all over the world. When trying to determine what a specific breed was designed for, it helps to know where the breed came from. Match each of the following breeds with its place of origin. Use the encyclopedia, a book about horses from your library or these web sites for help:


Oklahoma State University

Breed: Place of Origin:
Yeom.jpg (4785 bytes)
Nwusa.jpg (6366 bytes)
Tenn.jpg (3711 bytes)
Aust.jpg (5738 bytes)
Scotisl.jpg (4645 bytes)
England.jpg (4441 bytes)
Scotland.jpg (5462 bytes)
Neusa.jpg (5220 bytes)
Domcol.jpg (6303 bytes)
Kent.jpg (5200 bytes)
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