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Horse Electronic Field Trip to a Horse Farm

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Vocabulary After watching the Electronic Field Trip to a Horse Farm, you should be able to define the following words and terms. 

Match each word or term with the correct definition.

Definition: The mother of a horse
Definition: A person who uses special tools to make things out of iron, like horseshoes
Definition: One who rides horseback
Definition: A horseshoer
Definition: A young female horse three years of age and under
Definition: The headgear by which a horse is controlled
Definition: A young, unweaned horse of either sex
Definition: When a horse kicks out with both hind legs
Definition: To run very fast in long strides
Definition: A neutered male horse
Definition: A young male horse under three years of age
Definition: To clean, brush, and take care of a horse
Definition: A mature male horse
Definition: A mature female horse
Definition: The horse's sound that denotes happiness or the anticipation of pleasure
Definition: A small, fenced-in area for horses
Definition: Command to stop
Definition: Narrow strap attached to a horse's bit and held in the rider's hand
Definition: A horse between one and two years old
Definition: The father of a horse

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