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FlowerFunctions of the Parts of a Flower

Carpel - (a.k.a. pistil) the female reproductive organs of the flower. The carpel consists of three parts: the stigma, the style, and the ovary.

Stigma - the topmost part of the carpel which receives pollen grains. The site of pollen germination.

Style - the long, central part of the carpel which attaches the stigma to the ovary. The style moves the stigma so it is in the most advantageous position for receiving pollen.

Ovary - the base of the carpel which contains the ovule(s). This is the portion of the carpel that actually becomes a fruit.

Ovule(s) - the female sex cells (eggs) of the plant located inside the ovary which give rise to the seed (offspring) inside a fruit. A single ovary may contain one or many ovules.

Stamen - the male reproductive organs of the plant. The stamen consists of two parts: the anther and the filament.

Anther - the topmost part of the stamen which actually produces the male sex cells (pollen).

Filament - the long, slender base of the stamen which holds the anther in the most advantageous position for delivering pollen.

Perianth - the non-reproductive parts of a flower. The perianth includes all the petals (which collectively are called the corolla) and all the sepals (which are collectively called the calyx).

Petal - usually the flat and colored components of a flower designed to attract pollinators to the plant. Petals are frequently very bright and have shapes and markings that stimulate pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to visit the stamen and carpel of the plant. All the petals of a single flower together are called the corolla.

Sepal - the protective coverings of a flower bud before it opens. When the flower blooms, the sepals look like small leaves attached to the receptacle, just below the petals of the flower. All the sepals of a single flower together are called the calyx.

Receptacle - the base of a flower and top of a stem. The petals (corolla) and sepals (calyx) of a flower attach to the receptacle.

Peduncle - the stalk of a flower.