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Apples Electronic Field Trip to an Orchard

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Orchard Vocabulary Terms

A few common orchard and fruit production words and terms.

Bud - small swelling on a branch or stalk from which a leaf or flower can grow

Thin - cultural practice of removing many fruit from a tree so remaining fruit can grow large

Stamen - the pollen-producing (male) structure of a flower

Prune - cultural practice of removing branches from a tree so sunlight and spray material can penetrate interior of tree

Colony - another name for a hive of honeybees

Pollen - the male gamete of plants

Ovary - the enlarged base of the pistile which contains the ovules and develops into a fruit

Blossom - flower

Apiculture - the art and science of beekeeping

Photosynthesis - the conversion of light energy to chemical energy conducted by plants

Stigma - the part of the pistil which receives pollen

Variety - a subspecies or race of apples produced through human selection for specific traits, such as skin color, texture, and flavor; examples include Jonagold, Red Delicious, Gala, and Granny Smith

Niche - a small, specialty type of market with a very specific customer base

Pistil - the ova (egg)-producing (female) structure of a flower

Competition - other businesses seeking to serve the same customer base

Style - the part of the pistil which connects the stigma to the ovary

Worker - honeybees which collect nectar and pollen, make wax, build honeycombs, produce honey, raise larvae, and feed all the bees in the hive

Drone - honeybees which live only to fertilize the queen bee

Queen - single honeybee in a hive who lays all eggs and produces all the offspring of the hive