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Behavior of Animals

Have you ever heard of Pavlov's Dog?  Or have you ever wondered why animals act the way that they do?  Can you match these animal responses with the approprite term to describe it?  You may need to look in a dictionary or encyclopedia to figure out the answer.

Term to Describe: Behavior:
The body changing colors to help protect the animal
An adjustment by an animal that helps the animal survive in its environment
Actions by males & females to draw one another together for mating
Training which results in a certain response to a certain stimulus
An action so quick it does not involve the brain
Moving from one place to another to raise their young, avoid cold, reproduce
Conduct learned from avoiding mistakes
An action that is the result of a stimulus
Adaptation made for winter survival
Actions an animal takes to defend itself
Learned behavior from life experiences
Behavior by an animal to defend a certain area
An inborn behavior involving a stimulus response
Something that causes an action
An animal behavior they inherit
The manner in which an animal acts
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