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Advancement Annual Report 2004

The Office for Advancement in the College of Agriculture, which coordinates the College's activities in development, alumni functions, and governmental relations, has seen a number of changes in the past year.

Most notable is the recent merger of our two alumni associations into the College of Agriculture and Human Environmental Sciences Alumni Association. This new association has 18,000 members and 14 chapters, and we believe the joining of the two alumni associations, both rich in history and tradition, will only make us stronger.

With the retirement of long-time ag alumni director Grace Gorrell, who will be missed greatly, Jaime Sparrow has taken over the reigns of alumni relations.

Jaime is no stranger to alumni and friends of the College, and I know that she looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Pam Poe, who has served the College ably as administrative assistant to the dean, is now coordinator of special projects and events, including alumni events such as Roundup.
As you read the 2004 Advancement Report, you will realize that our office is on track in our mission to obtain and wisely manage private gifts and grants that are being made as part of the current capital campaign. We promote donor-oriented philanthropy as a vital resource that will enable the College to reach the goals of its strategic plan and continue to excel.

At the same time, as legislation and appropriations are being considered, we will continue to make our needs and priorities known to our elected officials and maintain a presence in Frankfort and Washington.

It would be impossible for us to achieve our aspirations without the generosity of alumni and friends who serve the College as ambassadors, student recruiters, financial supporters, and consultants.

Our alumni give us a global presence, and we aim to keep them connected to the life of the College no matter how far away they are from Lexington.
Please stop in when on campus, or call us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!

Drew Graham
Director, Office for Advancement
College of Agriculture

The generosity of our alumni and friends was extraordinary in 2004, as you will see in the pages that follow.

I want to acquaint you with a unique opportunity to continue that generosity.
During the 1980s, more than 200 students from the University of Syiah Kuala in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, came to UK through a university-strengthening project sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development, and 194 of those students graduated from the College of Agriculture with master's and/or Ph.D. degrees.

One of them, Abdi Wahab MS, '84; PhD, '86 in agronomy, is the president of the University of Syiah Kuala. Six other faculty members are also alumni.

The earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 inflicted terrible losses, as you know, on Banda Aceh. But you may not know of the specific losses to the University of Syiah Kuala. Of 18,000 students, about 5,000 are dead or missing, 247 of the faculty and staff are dead or missing, and 144 of the children of the faculty and staff are dead or missing.

One-third of the university's buildings and equipment have been destroyed.
Doug Thomas, president of the Agriculture and HES Alumni Association, and John
Ragland, professor emeritus of agronomy, along with the UK National Alumni Association, have led the effort to raise money to assist students returning to the University of Syiah Kuala.

If you would like to help the University of Syiah Kuala, please contact our office. This is a noble cause.


William M. Sheets
Director of Development

Statistical Data
College of Agriculture Donors January 1, 2004 - December 31, 2004

The Scovell Society
*denotes new members

David W. Alexander
Gregory L. Ammon
Richard Lawrence & Shirley Lee Ammon
*John Murphy Baker
James L. Barlow
Barney O. Barnett
Barry J. & Dee H. Barnett
Joe Nell Barnett
Marcus G. & Gladys T. Barnett
Marcus Randall Barnett
Charles E. Barnhart
Charles D. & Jeanette D. Bennett
Gerald T. & Theresa C. Benock
Alvin L. & Mary N. Bertrand
Theresa Hadley Bethel
Phil & Sue Billings
William Thomas III & Nancy Ireland Bishop
John Tyree & Theresa
Williams Bondurant
Mary F. Bradley
Allan E. Brown
Herbert & Judy Brown
Thomson R. Jr. & Betty R. Bryant
Ray A. Bucklin
George J. & Mary Jo Budig
Elizabeth Kennan & Michael Thornton Burns
Joan Bush
Lowell Bush
*Charles W. Byers
Steven & Susan Caller
David V. Calvert
John L. & Elaine L. Carman
Rodney & Debbie Carpenter
Roy V. & Peggy C. Catlett
Hazel W. Chappell
William J. Cheek
Robert N. & Blythe Clay
Ray & Beth H. Clifton
Allen D. Cline
Robert M. Clinkinbeard
Charles W. & Christine G. Coates
Ashli Nicole Collins & Paul Joseph Loheide
Glenn Burton Collins
Leslie Marie Collins & Paul Robert Runkle
Ruby Wallace Collins
Donald G. & Rebecca M. Colliver
Brad H. & Karen Ross Combs
H. Steve & Judy D. Conboy
Dr. Maurice G. Cook
William Edwards & Elizabeth Evans Cooke
Sandra L. Copher
Janice N. Corum
Joann E. Corum
J. William Corum
C. Milton & Reta R. Coughenour
Nancy M. Cox
Joe E. Crafton
John E. Craine
Donald E. & Heather M. Crowe
Donald R. & Harvey J. Crowe
Robert H. & Anna B. Culton
Joe B. Davis
Sylvia C. Davis
John A. & Patricia B. Deacon
Frank Keiser & Elizabeth Owens Downing
George A. & Ruth H. Duncan
Ray H. & Louise G. Dutt
Patrick A. & Janet M. Dwyer
Clay Ford Ellis
*Robert and Nellie Ellis
Helen Horlacher Evans
Joe L. & D. Gail Evans
Joseph Carson Evans Jr.
Joseph Carson Evans III
Lida Henderson Evans
John C. Everett III
John H. Ewing III
Sam R. Jr. & Katherine Ewing
W. S. Farish III
Paul E. Fenwick
Richard A. Fisher
J.N. Frankel Sr.
Saundra G. Gardiner
*Lorraine E. Garkovich
Jeanne Gatton
Gale Glenn
Muriel Gluck
Grace Gray & Brian R. Gorrell
Elayne R. Greathouse
Robert Kirk & Robin Carol Grigsby
Blair Presnell Hall
J. Monroe & Judy C. Hall
James Monroe Hall IV
Catherine Cooper Hammond
Frank V. & Lille B. Hammond
Susan E. Hammond & W. Gerald Smith
Thomas T. & Sheilagh R. Hammond
Richard Hardesty
H. T. Jr. & Doris C. Hardy
Emette Hart
*Marion Kenneth & Karolyn S. Hayden
Virgil W. Hays
Linda M. Heaton
Ann Lair Henderson & William
Joseph Henderson
Marcia A. & James Newell Hicks
Abner C. Jr. & Jane H. Hiler
Chris & Beverly Hillenmeyer
Stephen & Karen Hillenmeyer
Anna E. Hitron
John Paul Huffman
Nelson Bunker & Caroline L. Hunt
Thomas W. & Jane M. Hutchens
Dan C. & Sue Birdsong Hutson
Dan C. II & Cindy Metzger Hutson
Charles J. Issel
Shelby K. Jett
Thomas H. & Mary Doyle Johnson
William H. & Brenda S. Johnstone
*Steve Jones
James R. & Mary Ross Kabler
James D. & Helen W. Kemp
James W. Kidwell
Kristen Hall Kirby
L. John III & Vivian L. Korfhage
Robert C. & Charlotte R. Korfhage
Lillie M. Lillard
C. Oran & Myrtle M. Little
Joy V. Long
Charles D. Lucas Jr.
Thomas Pearse Lyons
*James R. & Judith B. Mahan
Glen Calvin Massengale
Diane M. Massie
William D. & Julia C. McCrosky
Earl C. McNabb
Michael David Meuser
Henry A. & Jane B. Meyer
B. Carolyn & George E. Mitchell Jr.
P. Scott Moffitt
William G. & Fredda S. Moody
William E. Murphy & Marie B. Petrites-Murphy
Cynthia Fletcher Nalle
Leslie L. Neumeister
William N. IV & Jane Allen Offutt
Ann R. Pass
Kevin C. Pass
William Oliver & Virginia C. Payne
*Jane S. Phillips
John Welburn Poe
Kenneth E. & Joan Poston
Helen C. Price
Jim Proffitt
Jonathan R. Ragan
James H. & Jean A. Ragland
Edwin E. & Lois J. Rankin
Marshall Tee & Toni Rogalinski Ray
Barbara J. Redman
Clyde M. Richardson Jr.
D. Michael & Susan F. Richey
Toni Wilson Riley
John C. Robertson
Rick Robey
Carey Hall Robinson
Juan G. & Lorraine Rodriguez
Hugh David Roe
Eddie Gene & Kathryn Pauline Rogers
Joe & Sue Ross
Julie Ann Ross
Tony S. Royalty
Beverly Vaughan & Lee Jackson Saindon
Frances Horlacher & John Lee Saindon
Larry F. & Carolyn L. Sanders
Mary Patricia Sanders
Zack C. Saufley
Lynwood Schrader
Elmira Reinhardt Scott
Stephen & Ada Sue Selwitz
John A. Serpell
William K. & Margaret B. Sharp
Ronald L. Sheets
Mark R. & Mary Fleming Simon
Ava Christine Simpson
Ryan E. Smith
Morgan Scott & Susan Durisek Smith
William A. & Jane F. Smith
David L. Spatcher
Irving A. Spaulding
William R. & Julia A. Sprague
*Leslie J. & Donna Mae Stith
Granville W. Stokes
Roy C. Strange
Dr. Igor D. Strugatsky
Cynthia Higgins & Stephen Bradley Sullivan
Daniel B. & Sue Duvall Sutherland
Deborah Ware Taylor
*Douglas L. & Nancy N. Thomas
Brent D. & Dorothy S. Thompson
Margaret G. Thrasher
Stephen L. & Linda T. Tichenor
J. Clifford & Elizabeth H. Todd
UK Agriculture Alumni Association
Mary VanLennep
M. Stanley & Ruby H. Wall
Mary B. Wallitsch
Herman R. Jr. & Deborah H. Wallitsch
Linus R. & Sarah L. Walton
Deborah Williams & Richard Earl Wheeler
Henry D. White
W. Cleland White
Roy Lee Wigginton
Cameron J. Jr. & Rachel M. Williams
C. Judson Williams III & Julie Allen
F. Edward & Cynthia
Grider Williams
James A. & Lisa R. Williams
Jonnie R. Williams
Ralph D. & Nellie M. Winchester
Donald W. Winters
Douglass W. Witt
Frank E. Woeste
Miriam Woolfolk

Scovell Society
Members in Memoriam

William H. Jr. & Corinna Balden
Ann D. Barlow
Howard W. & Bernice
Van Sickle Beers
William O. Blackburn
John H. Bondurant
Lawrence A. Bradford
Margie B. Brookshire
Thomson R. & Lillian W. Bryant
Dana G. & Helen J. Card
Bradley D. Carter
G. L. Monty Chappell
John H. Clark
Albert G. Clay
G. Norton Clay
Keven Glenn Collins
Roy L. Compton
Thomas P. & Essie M. Cooper
Donald A. Corum
Robert F. Corum
Eugene & Margaret
Johnson Culton
*Robert M. & Alice Lough Cundiff
Dr. Joe T. Davis
Joseph G. & Darleene F. Duncan
Nannie A. Duncan
John Duvall
Lee D. Duvall
William Norris Duvall
Joseph Carson Evans Sr.
John H. Ewing Jr.
Verda K. Ewing
William G. & Bernice K. Finn
L. G. & Hallie H. Forquer
Daniel S. Gardiner
Charles W. Gatton
Harry Gatton Jr.
Maxwell H. Gluck
Saul D. Goins
Caswell H. Gorham
Leonard F. Greathouse
Frank Harding
Jackie S. Hays
James N. Heaton
Betty Jo Denton Heick
Frank M. Heick
John H. Heick
Helen Hertz Hexter
H. David & Julia Dixon Hilliard
Lucy T. Hume
Robert C. Hume
Ivan Jett
Jack H. Kimball
Carl & La Verne R. Lay
Noble Lillard
*Virginia Alcorn Ludwick
Charlie Mason
Clarence W. Mathews
L. H. May
W. G. McConnell
Paul Mellon
H. Allen Middleton
J. Lester & Nancy G. Miller
Virginia S. Neumeister
Lewis V. & Helen F. Palmer
Bobby C. Pass
Ronald E. Phillips
H. Bruce & Jennie Swab Price
H. Bruce Price Jr.
John C. Redman
Nora L. Redman
Wayland Rhoads
William M. & Virginia K. Rhoads
Phil E. Richards
Clyde M. Sr. & Pauline A. Richardson
F. W. Rickard
Nancy Clay Rickard
David Leslie Riley
Clementine Mills Schlaikjer
Jes E. Schlaikjer
Al & Thelma Schneider
Laverne Scott
Robert R. Scott
John Dudley Scruggs
Carl C. Shearer
Elias Thomas Simpson
James William Simpson
Molly Jane Denney Simpson
Elmer S. Stafford
Marjorie B. Stafford
James I. Stephens
Albert F. Stewart
George Perry Sr. & Dimple Thomason Summers
William G. Survant
H. P. Thrasher
Frederick L. VanLennep
Herman R. Wallitsch Sr.
Herschel G. Weil
Frank J. & Eva C. Welch
Harry Wheeler
Fred Wiche
Diane Patricia Williams
Frank D. Winchester
Jo Lynne Wood
Patch Woolfolk

The Erikson Society

Membership in the Erikson Society has traditionally honored the most generous contributors to Human Environmental Sciences.
(M) denotes in memoriam; * denotes new members.

Betty Adams (M)
Claire Alagia
Anonymous (2)
Gail M. Bass
Richard Bass Sr.
Eleanor Botts
Rose Mary Brooks
Jane Venable Brown
Mark Richard & Linda Snelling Brown
Winnifred S. Burruss (M)
Patricia Johnson Buster (M)
Janet Lynn Chatfield (M)
Shirley Chatfield
R.H. “Dutch” Chatfield (M)
Paul Chellgren
Wilbur Chellgren (M)
Henry T. Coletti
Elizabeth Evans & William Edwards Cooke
*Robert M. & Alice Lough Cundiff (M)
J. Edward Cunningham
Mary Queen Cunningham (M)
*Anna Martine Donaldson (M)
Ruth H. & George A. Duncan
D. Y. Dunn (M)
Jo Law & Henry Durham
Jane Winkler Dyche
R.W. Dyche III
Julia Downer Eastin
Marianne Smith Edge
Alma Whitehouse Ellis
Cecil Tilden Ellis Sr. (M)
Statie E. Erikson (M)
Helen Horlacher Evans
Joseph Carson Evans Sr. (M)
Joseph Carson Evans Jr.
Joseph Carson Evans III
Lida Henderson Evans
James A. & Betty Ewing
John H. Ewing Jr. (M)
Betty Kington Gilfoil
Joy Humphrey Gwin
HES Alumni Association
Helen Weems Harp (M)
Robert Harp
Elizabeth Helton (M)
Ann Lair & William Joseph
Sarah T. & William K. Henry
Hazel J. Hieronymus (M)
William S. Hieronymus (M)
Catherine Hildebolt
Evangeline Smith Kelsay (M)
Alice P. Killpatrick
Bessie C. Landrum (M)
B. Kay Langdon
Robert L. Langdon
Jane Stanford Lewis (M)
Mildred S. Lewis (M)
Lion Apparel, Don Aldridge
Marianne Lorensen
Abby Lindsey Marlatt
D. Michelle Knapke McDonald
Peggy Sisk Meszaros
Fredda Short Moody
William G. Moody
William Peace
Claudia J. Peck-Heath
R.J. Reynolds, Nana Mensah
Angela M. Rice
Barbara Landrum Rice
Terry D. Rothgeb
Bonnie F. Ruschell
George J. Ruschell
Linda Williams & Robert Hawkins Rush
Martha Hawkins Rush
Martha Weakley Rush
Rosetta Ramsey & Willett Howard Rush Jr.
Beverly Vaughan & Lee Jackson Saindon
Frances Horlacher & John Lee Saindon
Chester L. Samuelson (M)
Sarah W. Samuelson (M)
Sally Schneider (M)
Dhaval D. Shukla
Diane Greene Smathers
Sallie Buster Stebleton
Marjorie S. Stewart
Patsy Todd
Retia Scott Walker
Helen & Byron Wentz
Harriette Hobdy Wilson

of $1,000 or More
*denotes first-time donor

Richard L. Ammon
*Arlene Andersen '78
John M. Baker
*Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Becker
Gerald T. Benock '75
*Dr. Gail & Connie Benson
John T. ('60) & Theresa W. ('59) Bondurant
*Carolyn S. Breeding '78
Herbert ('52) & Judy ('55) Brown
Dr. Ray A. Bucklin '82
Joan Bush
*Jon C. Carloftis '86
*Lori R. Cassill
Shirley J. Chatfield
Dr. Maurice G. Cook '57
Sylvia C. Davis
*William B. Delker
Adele B. Dilschneider
Dr. George A. ('61) & Ruth H. ('61) Duncan
*Jim Elliott
Jewell D. Ellis '51
Helen H. Evans '41
Victoria F. Ewing '79
William S. Farish Jr.
*Larry W. Frederick '73
*Robert W. ('77) & Mary H. Griffith
G. Lawrence Hall '59
Thomas T. Hammond '67
John R. & Margaret G. Hartman
Catherine D. Hildebolt '39
*Shannon L. C. Inouye
Anna H. Ison
Dr. Wm. Jay Jackman '85
Thomas H. ('48) & Mary D. Johnson
*Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Jones
L. John ('64) & Vivian L. Korfhage
Robert C. & Charlotte R. Korfhage
*Carole Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lewis
*Mary K. Martin
Diane M. Massie '79
Paul L. McCauley
P. Scott Moffitt '79
Cynthia Fletcher Nalle '81
*Greta G. Nelson
Audrey W. Otto
Blaine F. Parker
John W. Phillips
Don M. Robinson
Ralph T. Rose
Martha H. Rush '38
Drs. Horst & Janice Schach
Elmira Scott
Dr. William E. Seale '63
*Faith W. Shine '57
*Mr. & Mrs. Mace Siegel
Dr. Diane K. Smathers '73
*Allan M. Stephenson
Marjorie S. Stewart '63
Leslie J. ('81) & Donna R. ('83) Stith
Stephen L. ('71) & Linda T. ('71) Tichenor
*J. D. Tobin Jr. '59
Ronald W. Todd '66
Dr. Retia Scott Walker
Dr. Linus R. Walton '65
*Chantanon Wannakejohn
Dr. Byron E. & Helen T. Wentz
Dr. D. W. Williams '94
*Douglas C. Wilson
Miriam R. Lamy Woolfolk
Dr. Walter W. Zent

First-Time Donors
(up to $999)

Thomas & Maryann Ackerman
Sheila J. Adams '95
Brooks ('67) & Jane F. Alexander
Dr. Julie A. Alford
Jessie B. Anderson
Tonya Anderson
Katherine L. Andrews '57
Robyn Angel
Donna M. Annas
Margaret C. Armstrong
Allison Sharkey Arnett '81
Cheryl Arnold-Brown '72
Atwood C. Asbury, DVM
D. Lyle & Mary L. Aten
Anita J. Ault
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Austin
Rick G. ('85) & Diane Avare
Crystal R. Bailey '03
Dr. Ruth E. Bailey
Amy A. Ball '95
Don & Mira L. ('56) Ball
Lara Brown Ballard
Doris T. Barlow
Clifford Barry
Pamela W. Basconi '76
Jan W. Bates
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baum
Stacy V. Bearse
Katrina H. Becker
Bill G. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Bell
Mrs. Thomas R. Bell Sr.
Carroll Benedict
Janet K. Bennett
Kathleen S. Berkey
Dr. Michael J. Best '95
Dr. Ronald C. Bibb Jr.
Phyllis E. Bieber
Susan E. Binger '78
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Bishop
William T. III ('69) & Nancy I. ('68) Bishop
Aileen M. Black
Jeffrey D. Blankenship '94
Peggy Blanton
Jeff A. Blea, DVM
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Blust
J. Keith Bohart '72
Stephen Alan Bonney '88
Allen O. ('51) & Anna June Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Melville Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Boyer
Arlene Brachman
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Brackney
Kathryn D. Bradds '81
Sen. Fred F. Bradley '53
Heather R. Bradley '93
Leslie Allyson Brake '04
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Bratlie Jr.
Dr. Anne Brautigam '75
Stephanie Erin Breitmeyer '04
Dr. Sharon Brennan '81
Annabelle Brewer '52
Howard H. Bright '53
Dr. Jesse M. Brothers '94
Drs. Daniel C. ('90) & Jacqueline E. ('90) Brown
Vivian Brown
Dana D. Browning '94
Dr. Eugene N. & Margaret C. Bruce
Meg T. Buckley
Michael D. & Marla D. ('92) Buerhaus
Jane B. Burke '74
Amy C. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Burns
Donna L. Burnside
James Lowell Bush
Dr. William D. & Linda N. ('60) Bushong
John C. ('53) & Ollie D. Butcher
Marcia K. Butler '84
Frank A. & Kelley A. Butler
April C. Butz '85
Angela R. Caldwell '93
Sacqua Campbell
Jeanette Candelmo
Dr. Bradley C. & Rosa N. Canon
Paul Cappiello
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Carlyon
Dr. Brad Carter
Karen Rauch Carter '82
Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Cartney
Derriel & Annette Y. ('65) Castle
Jennifer L. Cathey
Dr. John C. ('69) & Barbara B. ('67) Caton
Marsha A. Caton
Rita Caufield
Douglas E. Cauthen '93
Baden P. Chace
John Matthew Chaliff '00
Elizabeth Chappell
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chatfield-Taylor
John B. III ('56) & Eleanor T. ('61) Chenault
Dr. & Mrs. Mark W. Cheney
Madge Chestnut
Hattie B. Chilton
Melanie B. Christmas
Anne P. Church
Dr. Michael L. Cibull
Denise B. Clark '98
Joseph H. Clark
Harold W. Sr. & Peggy B. ('51) Clem
Paul G. Clinton '80
Chris & Elizabeth L. Cobler
Mrs. Carlton Cole
Lisa P. Collins '99
Betty C. Colliver
Woodford Conley
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Corrie
Marian L. Cothran
Marsha C. Couch '93
John J. & Delphine C. Coupal
Barbara M. Cowden '43
Brenda P. Cox
Dr. Nancy M. Cox
Mike Creech
Jean Elizabeth Czemerynski
Donnie J. ('59) & Patricia A. ('59) Dampier
Tracy Darlington '89
Dr. Diane D. Davey
David A. Davis '79
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan K. Davis
Jeanne M. Dawahare
Beverly Dean '74
John Lucian Dearborn '02
Laura Marie Deaton '04
Michael DeBoor
Mr. & Mrs. Jules W. Delambre
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Delles
Edward Demonbrum
Jacquelyn Suzanne Denault
Lesa J. Denniston '88
Renee Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Depp
Pat M. Dexter
Michael W. Dickinson
Dr. Larry G. Dickson
John J. Dinneen III
Angela Dossett '01
John L. Dovak '71
Charles B. III ('78) & Stephanie D. ('80) Dowdy
Amanda Domeck Dreckman '79
John K. Drury '85
Dr. Gerald W. Dryden Jr. '92
Marguerite M. Dudley
Sandra C. Duff
Amanda Dunn
Rick A. Dunn '89
Richard C. duPont
Carla W. Durbin
Richard E. Durham '83
Mark A. Durham
Cecil H. Dyer '55
Dr. Jack Easley
Nancy I. Edge '80
Nancy Edscorn
Charles L. Eldridge '56
Stan A. & Kimberly R. Eldridge
Mark England
Joseph A. Fagan
Mattie Cooksey Fair '57
Suzy Fair
Dr. Luke H. & Nancy J. Fallon
Rebecca D. Farris
Charles W. Fedders III '84
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fike
Dorothy C. Finch
Matthew K. Firestone
Walter & Lillian C. Fisher
Rebecca L. Fister
Robert W. ('77) & Lila P. ('73) Fleming
Robert S. Folsom
Judy Ford
JoAnn Fowler
Sonia S. Fox '57
Karen L. Francis '04
Dr. Gilbert H. & Janet N. Friedell
Peter Fuller
Drs. C. Gary & Gerry A. ('67) Gairola
Michael G. Galbraith
Edward A. Gamble
Celia Gandee
Jane Alexander Gardner
Dr. Joseph H. Gardner
William L. & Stephanie M. ('71) Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Garrett
Dr. Thomas F. & Ann R. ('80) Garrity
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Gjerseth
Dr. John & Kim M. Glenney
Sandra W. Godecker '70
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Goode
Michael M. Goodin
Sarah E. Goodenow '00
JoAnn G. Gormley
Lillian Graetz
Dr. Arthur & Jane E. ('76) Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Graulich
Jessica A. Green
Philip Todd Gregory '02
Dr. Donna G. Grigsby '90
Jerry N. Grot
Patricia R. Gulley '49
Gayle S. Guy
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Habeeb
Joan Hadley
Mrs. Kenneth R. Hagan
Kevin Hagan
Chester L. & Ann W. Hager
Jennifer Hamaker
Helen O. Hamilton
Ginny Hamm
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson A. Hamm
Christine Hansen '88
Larry D. ('75) & Kitty Hall ('84) Harmon
Grady III ('66) & Carole T. Harreld
William B. Harrigan
Jeannie Harris '81
Anne-Dora McGregor Hart '79
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Hartman
Frances Hartwell
Sompron C. Haszler '95
Amy Hatfield
Helen Hedger
Jeff B. Heller
Hannah Jane Helm
Anna Mae Helton
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hemmer
Mary E. Henson
Maripat Hetrick
Susan Stokes Hill '83
Kenneth B. ('74) & Brenda Hilton
Robert L. Hitch '69
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Hoagland
Carolyn R. Hofe '98
Eugene Hoke
Morton ('35) & Margaret Holbrook
Russell W. Holl '00
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Holzwarth
Jessica Houlihan
Janet M. Howard '70
Joseph A. Hubbard
Kay A. Hubbard '02
Catherine M. Hughes
Michael A. Hurter '70
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ignacio
Ms. Elizabeth Ison
Eddie Jackson
Margaret R. Jacobs
Steve E. Jacobs '77
Kathy S. Jansen '71
Jason C. Jenkins '97
Joel S. Jennings
Eric L. Jessup '89
Caroline Johnson
Kimberly J. Johnson
Stephen E. Johnson
Jean Jones '54
Ralph C. Jones '69
Mary Ann Jubin
William C. Kenimer '73
Anne A. Kennon '72
Dr. Richard I. Kermode
Gwynn B. Kerns
Geoffrey J. Keyes '79
Dr. Denis G. King '81
Robert I. & Neysa L. ('73) Kiser
Ingrid Klose
Lori Knutson
Jeffrey S. Kovreg
Jere L. Krakow
Mark A. Kristy
Dr. Avtar K. Kukreja
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kunkel
Joe Kurth
John B. & Louise Lally
K. Michelle Lancaster '91
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lane
D. S. Langley '78
Todd A. Lanning '95
Alan J. Leavitt
Pamela Sue Lechleiter '04
Dr. Diane L. Leggett '74
Mary Anita Lemaster '87
Robert A. Leonard, DVM
Nancy K. Leopold '82
James Joseph Less '02
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos B. Lester
Susan C. Lewis '76
Ann Livingstone
Donna Lockard
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Logsdon
Stephanie Logsdon
David A. Long '76
Nora G. Lovan '65
Bernard F. Lovely '83
Kaye Lowe
Donna H. Loyd
Mary Luttrell
James Kevin Lyons
Carol J. MacShara '79
Dr. Tom S. Jr. ('69) & Jackie C. Maddox
Georgetta W. Madole
Wade A. Maguire '71
Frank L. Mancini
Marilyn A. Mannina
Frank L. Mansell
Janet S. Marple
Eric John Marsland '03
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mast
Jo Matherne
Heather L. Mattocks '96
Jessica L. Mayes '91
Ann R. McBrayer
Mildred McFarland
Mary McGann
Mary H. McGaughey '80
John M. ('81) & Lori T. ('81) McIntosh
Victoria E. Meister '67
Lori S. Mellon
Diana Patricia Mendiondo '03
Dr. Marta S. Mendiondo '90
Oscar A. Mendiondo
Monika M. Mentzer
Dick Meschendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil W. Meythaler
Susan O. Michelman
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James M. ('73) & Patricia Kirkpatrick Miller
Kathy Milligan
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Susan D. Mitchell
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Jonathan J. Moore
Janet Mulberry
Mike D. Mullen
Betty Murphy
John Bedford Murray
Marilyn W. Nanney '86
Charlotte W. Nefzger '72
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Neudecker
Norman Nezelkewicz
Sarah J. Nikirk
Nathan S. ('65) & Suzette Nunley
Mr. & Mrs. John T. O'Connor
Kenneth B. O'Dea '98
Nicole M. Oeler '01
Connie T. Oleson '04
Denise Y. O'Meara '95
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Carrie O'Shea
Gwynne M. Overtoom '91
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Debby M. Oxley
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Pabst
Charles E. Jr. ('57) & Betty Jo ('56) Palmer
Richard W. Palmer
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Jewell Jr. & Wanda P. Paris
Dr. David C. III & June M. ('62) Parrish
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Cody Pauley
Brenda L. Pelfrey
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Coralyn F. Peters
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William O. Peterson '70
Bette Phillips
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William H. ('64) & Janice M. ('71) Pieratt
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Jean G. Pival '56
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Glenda Powell
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Karen A. Ramage '73
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Barbara Reese
Cindy W. Reeves '82
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Shelley Renee Roberts '02
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Joy Sanders '91
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Dr. & Mrs. Nat H. Sandler
Peggy Saunier
Raymond R. Sawyer '85
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Dr. Eric T. ('99) & Laura Scheper
John H. Schlich '72
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Richard A. Schubert '78
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Professor Robert G. Schwemm
Daniel W. Scott
Kate Seago '84
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Feliecia G. Shull '81
Jon & Rebecca K. Sights
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Karen G. Smith '79
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Jennifer L. Snyder '98
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William Sorokolit
Don Sorrell II
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Burl W. Spurlock III '98
Richard A. ('79) & Vicki R. Stanley
Dian Stapleton
Karla R. Stauble '81
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Darnall D. Stone
Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Storey
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Mary Frances Sudholt
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Mark Swanson
Clifford J. Jr. ('62) & Jan S. Swauger
Mr. & Mrs. C. William Swinford Jr.
Elizabeth Sysol '03
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Taylor
Glenn Peyton Sr. & Camilla H. Taylor
Joan M. Taylor, DVM
Kelly R. Telech
Denise M. Thomas '97
Kay Thomas
Kay K. Thomas '61
Tim Thompson '76
Ramona Holt Thomson
Anne F. Thorington
Judge Megan Lake Thornton '81
Katherine Mae Ticknor
Sybil J. Toney
Kimberly A. Tonning
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Townzen
William E. Truax
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Turley
Gardner L. Turner '54
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Enrique Ubarri
Linda G. Ulreich
A. Mark ('87) & Jae B. Underwood
Nancy J. Utz '75
Daniel G. Van Clief Jr.
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Van Der Veer Varner
Betty Verdon
Shawn H. Voils '97
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Quentin W. Walker Jr. '69
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Dr. Wen C. Wang '86
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Autumn Brooke Watson
Christie R. Watts '00
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Kimberly Louise Staggs
Wentzel '95
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Mrs. Pat White
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Heather Withers
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Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Woomer
Cynthia Wooster
Tiffany E. Yarbrough '89
Roger B. Yeardley Jr.
Dr. Shaohui Yin '96
Ling Yuan

Corporate, Foundation, And Organization Donors

* denotes first-time donors

*1st Enviro-Safety Inc.
*A.S.P. Enterprises Inc.
ABI Alfalfa Inc.
AMVAC Chemical Corporation
*AMVAC Product Development
*Abracadabra Farms Limited
AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky Inc.
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Agrium Partnership
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Alabama Horsemens Benevolent and Protective Association
*Albert A. & Bertram N. Linder Foundation Inc.
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Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
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*American Chestnut Foundation, Kentucky Chapter
*American Farm Bureau Federation
American Meat Science Association
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Amerman Family Foundation
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Blue Grass Orchid Society
Bluegrass Area Agriculture Alumni Association
*Bluegrass Charity Ball
Bluegrass Home Economists
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*Boone Family Foundation Inc.
*Boston Terrier Tea Party
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The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Inc.
*British Broadcasting Corporation
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Burley Marketing Association Inc.
Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association Inc.
*CBS Worldwide User Group
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*Cardinal Ritter Senior Services
Caribbean Home Economics Association
Carl Ray Landscape Nursery Inc.
*Casner Family Fund
*Castle Village Farm 1999
Caudill Farm
Caverndale Farms
Central Kentucky Ornamental & Turf Association
Cerexagri Inc.
The Chapin Foundation Inc.
*Cheney and Northrop DVM, P.A.
*Clark County Landscape and Garden Club
Cleary Chemical Corporation
College of Human Environmental Sciences Alumni Association
*Colorectal Surgical Associates
Community Tree Care Inc.
*Corky's Food Manufacturing
Council for Burley Tobacco Inc.
Crow's Hybrid Corn Company
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*Damascus Equine Associates
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*The De Hechavarria Foundation
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*Degussa Corporation
*Delaware Standardbred Owners Association
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*Delta and Pine Land Company
Denali Stud
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Woodford County Woman's Club
*Wyeth Canada
*Wyncrest Farm, LLC

Trusts and Other Gifts
*denotes first-time gift

Albert G. & Lorraine N. Clay Annuity Lead Trust
*Estate of Robert M. Cundiff '27
Estate of William C. Dale Jr. '50
Estate of Anna Martine Collier Donaldson '58
Estate of Betty Jo Heick
James I. Stephens Trust
Llewellyn H. May Trust
Estate of Clementine Schlaikjer

The Culton Suite

Pictured left to right are (seated) Elizabeth Patron Culton, Helen Culton Price '42, Geneva Culton Glasscock, Catherine Culton Thompson '35, and Ann Bennett Culton and (standing) Dan Culton '41 and Bob Culton '51.

A portion of the College's E.S. Good Barn has been renovated with gifts from the family of Eugene and Margaret Culton. Pictured left to right are (seated) Elizabeth Patron Culton, Helen Culton Price '42, Geneva Culton Glasscock, Catherine Culton Thompson '35, and Ann Bennett Culton and (standing) Dan Culton '41 and Bob Culton '51.

Looking at what is now the Culton Suite in the College's E. S. Good Barn, it is hard to imagine that it once housed dairy cattle.

The story of how this space was transformed started with the marriage of Eugene and Margaret (Maggie) Culton in the early 1900s. The Cultons began raising their family and moved to the Boyle County farm they inherited from Eugene Culton's father. Both the Cultons had some formal schooling, and they both believed in education-they helped establish the Parksville High School in Boyle County, Mrs. Culton was a charter member of the Parksville Extension Homemakers Club, and the family was active in many other extension programs. The Cultons passed on the torch of education to their 10 children.

“We were expected to do well and go as far as we could,” Bob Culton, one of their sons, says now. “Our parents gave as much encouragement, aid, and support as possible.”

Whatever the elder Cultons said, or did, it took. All of their children were active in 4-H, and nine of them went on to college, seven of them earning bachelor's degrees from the UK College of Agriculture.

In the 1980s, members of the Culton family began making various gifts to the College, mostly for scholarships. Among the donors were two of the Cultons' 10 children: Bob and Ann Culton, who contributed funds for the Governor's Scholarship, and Helen (Culton) Price and her husband, the late Bruce Price (see “Couple Honors Long-Time Family Connections with Planned Gift” in the Ag Magazine, Spring-Summer 2003.)

By the early '90s, the Culton family saw the opportunity to create a lasting gift to honor the memory of Eugene and Margaret Culton.

They then began directing gifts to renovation of the center section of the Good Barn to create a third jewel to go along with the already renovated Weldon Suite and Gorham Hall.

The surviving children committed to finance the renovation, and gifts from the family started coming in. The first was from a great-grandson of Eugene and Margaret Culton. Gifts in memory of one of the deceased Culton siblings were also added to the renovation fund.

The Culton Suite was dedicated in the fall of 2004.
“It's a beautiful room,” said Bill Sheets, director of development. Indeed it is. The Culton Suite is paneled in walnut, and sconce light burnishes the paneling to a soft, deep glow. Pocket doors (frosted and etched with the UK logo) separate the suite's two sections and can divide or expand the space as needed.

Among other functions, the suite will serve as a meeting place for the board of directors of the College of Agriculture and Human Environmental Sciences Alumni Association.

Eugene and Margaret Culton Eugene and Margaret Culton

Sharp Family Scholarship

William K. Sharp is a Mercer County native who grew up on a farm, served in the U.S. Navy in World War II, and later worked for the Soil Conservation Service in Indiana.

Sharp family members and scholarship recipients pictured here are, from left to right, Bart Sharp, Ashley Hazelwood, 07; Georgina Anderson, 06; Jessica Harmon, 08; William K. Sharp, and Lesley Hill, 05.

Sharp family members and scholarship recipients pictured here are, from left to right, Bart Sharp, Ashley Hazelwood, 07; Georgina Anderson, 06; Jessica Harmon, 08; William K. Sharp, and Lesley Hill, 05.

A few years ago, he and his wife, Margaret B. Sharp, realized that they were in a financial position to make philanthropic gifts, and they knew what they wanted to do: financially assist Mercer County students coming to UK and its College of Agriculture.
The Sharps also knew that they wanted the satisfaction of seeing these students enroll, study, and thrive academically. That is why the Sharps, who now live in Naples, Florida, set up a charitable lead trust-a gift of investment income that is being made during their lifetime.
Under the agreement with the Sharps and The Sharp Family Foundation, the merit-based scholarship is awarded annually to a Mercer County student of solid academic standing entering the College. Students from adjoining counties are eligible if a Mercer County student does not qualify.
For each recipient, the scholarship covers up to three-fourths of the total cost of tuition, fees, books, room, and board for a two-semester academic year over a four-year academic career. The first recipient of the William K. Sharp Family Scholarship entered the College in the fall of 2001. An additional scholarship has been awarded each of the past three years, so that now four students in the College receive the scholarship each year, thanks to the Sharps' generosity.

Foods Lab Renovation

Ribbon cutting for the Jackson MSC Dishwashing Room are John Stern, president, Jackson MSC; Hazel Forsythe, chair, Department of Nutrition and Food Science; and Linus Walton, assistant dean for administration, College of Agriculture. Jackson MSC, a Barbourville manufacturer-distributor of warewashing equipment (and a subsidiary of Enodis PLC) has donated a commercial dishwasher to the foods lab in the School of Human and Environmental Sciences.

Pictured from the left, at the ribbon cutting for the Jackson MSC Dishwashing Room are John Stern, president, Jackson MSC; Hazel Forsythe, chair, Department of Nutrition and Food Science; and Linus Walton, assistant dean for administration, College of Agriculture.

The gift was made as part of a campaign now in progress to raise $600,000 to renovate the foods lab, which is used each year by more than 350 students in dietetics, family and consumer sciences, and hospitality. Already, alumni and friends have contributed generously to help renovate the lab's classroom so it's better equipped for hands-on learning.

We need your help in raising $125,000 to complete the lab. This final phase of the campaign will provide a large demonstration area for instructors, manufacturers, and food industry groups to present their products and techniques. The area will be used for community classes as well as student education.

If you would like to make a gift toward this project, please contact the College of Agriculture Office for Advancement.

For more information about becoming a donor contact:

Office for Advancement
University of Kentucky
College of Agriculture
N-212 Agricultural Science Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0091

(859) 257-7200