“This is my domain!” says June Johnston, a 23-year member of the team at the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton. Keeping the grass mowed throughout the orchard, pulling weeds in the research/demonstration gardens, and picking and recording fruit harvests is just a short list of all that keeps her busy as a horticulture technician on the research station. But Johnston doesn’t pause when she clocks out. On her 50th birthday she slalomed 50 miles on Lake Barkley. And every weekend finds this 78-year-old on the dance floor.June Johnson

“They don’t come any better than June,” says Win Dunwell, extension horticulture specialist and her supervisor. “She works every minute of every day.” Plus, according to Dunwell, she’s developed her own schedule to get to everything that has to be done.

“I get paid for something I like to do,” she says.

And she intends to keep on doing what she loves. Go June!


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