C. Oran Little Research Center

Nothing Small
About the Little Center

When a new research farm was needed to replace one being repurposed by the University of Kentucky, C. Oran Little led the charge to make it happen. Little was dean of the College of Agriculture from 1988 through 2000, and UK purchased the farm in Woodford County in 1991. To honor his efforts, the University has renamed it the C. Oran Little Research Center.

"Dean Little was not only an outstanding leader for the College of Agriculture, he was also a nationally recognized animal scientist," said Scott Smith, dean of the College. "This makes it particularly appropriate that this great research facility be named in his honor."

The center is a vital part of the College's research, teaching, and extension missions. Little knew this three-pronged effort by the College was important to Kentucky's students and farmers and that this farm would be critical in continuing the College's essential work.

"The farm was purchased specifically for the relocation of field and laboratory facilities of the College to serve the long-term research and education needs for a sustainable animal industry in Kentucky," Little said.

Undergraduate and graduate students rely on teaching, internships, employment, and research projects at the farm to gain hands-on experience that is integral to agricultural education. Farmers from across Kentucky and many other states attend field days, demonstrations, and other extension events held at the farm throughout the year.

The center plays a pivotal role in the College's research efforts. It is home to hundreds of research activities relating to beef, sheep, swine, equine, environmental stewardship, and more.

Projects include, but are not limited to, the development of an electronic ear tag health monitoring system for cattle, understanding and moderating the influence of fescue endophytes on beef cattle, improving feed digestibility in swine, developing a low economic input sheep production system, developing diagnostic tests and vaccines for equine influenza, demonstrating the viability of on-farm dead animal composting, and multiple crop production trials.

The center is also home to a U.S. Department of Agriculture-Animal Research Service, Forage-Animal Production-Research Unit. Its researchers and College faculty partner on research such as tall fescue toxicants, which lead to a better understanding of their impact on cattle and horses and to improved management opportunities for farmers.

As the C. Oran Little Research Center moves into the next decade, researchers and educators will continue to conduct valuable studies, provide students with quality, hands-on instruction and provide a place for farmers to gather valuable knowledge.

"The center is designed to facilitate aggressive initiatives focused on developing and applying new technologies to protect sensitive environmental issues while better using resources and increasing profitability of production," Little said. "I am convinced that the center presents this opportunity and will serve to provide invaluable results."




























































































































































































































































































































































































In this challenging economy, your contributions
are critical to sustain and enhance the
College of Agriculture's reputation as a national leader.
We thank you for your generosity.


2010 Giving to the College of Agriculture for the period Jan.1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2010. Total Giving: $5,145,388; Distinct Gift Count— 5,217; Distinct Donor Count—2,772

Drew Graham,
Assistant Dean,
Director of Advancement

Office for Advancement
University of Kentucky,
E.S. Good Barn 1451 University Drive
Lexington, KY 40546-0097

E-mail: drew.graham@uky.edu





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The Scovell & Erikson Society

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*Bruce Addington
Ag & HES Alumni Association
David W. Alexander
Gregory L. Ammon
Richard Lawrence and Shirley Lee Ammon
Robert David Azbill and Suzanne Sledd McGurk
John Murphy Baker
James L. Barlow
Freddie L. and Shirley A. Barnard
Barney O. Barnett
Barry J. and Dee H. Barnett
Joe Nell Barnett
Marcus G. and Gladys T. Barnett
Marcus Randall Barnett
*James W. and Betty M. Barton
*Robert E. and Jane M. Barton
Charles D. and Jeanette D. Bennett
Gerald T. and Theresa C. Benock
Mary N. Bertrand William and Ann Bevins
Phil and Sue Billings
Nancy Ireland Bishop
John Hodges and Beth Bondurant
John Tyree and Theresa Williams Bondurant
Patrick J. Boova
Eleanor Botts
Charles E. II and Paula R. Boyd
*Kent S. and Mary Beth Bradford
Carolyn Breeding
Allan E. Brown Herbert and Judy Brown
Jane Venable Brown
Mark Richard and Linda Snelling Brown
Ray A. Bucklin
George J. and Mary Jo Budig
Elizabeth Kennan and Michael Thornton Burns
Joan Bush
Lowell Bush
Charles W. Byers
Steven and Susan Caller
David V. Calvert
Shane T. Carlin
John L. and Elaine L. Carman
Rodney and Debbie Carpenter
Audrey T. and James C. Carr
*Charles D. Carter
Elberta Casey
William A. and Susan R. Casner
Roy V. and Peggy C. Catlett
Brian and Cathy Celsor
*Michael R. and Kassie L. Celsor
*Mike and Vonda Chalfant
Guy L.M. Chappell II
Hazel W. Chappell
Shirley Chatfield
William J. Cheek
Paul Chellgren
Ching Kuang and Shukwei L. Chow
*Paul R. and Katheryn H. Claiborne
Lorraine N. Clay
Robert N. and Blythe Clay
Beth H. Clifton
Ray C. Clifton Allen
D. Cline Robert M. Clinkinbeard
Charles W. and Christine G. Coates
W. Ronnie and Charlotte D. Coffman
Henry T. Coletti
Ashli Nicole Collins and Paul Joseph Loheide
Glenn Burton Collins
Leslie Marie Collins and Paul Robert Runkle
Ruby Wallace Collins
Donald G. and Rebecca M. Colliver
John H. Colliver
Brad H. and Karen Ross Combs
H. Steve and Judy D. Conboy
*Louis Monroe "Monte" Conrad III
Dr. Maurice G. Cook
William Edwards and Elizabeth Evans Cooke
Sandra L. Copher
Janice N. Corum
Joann E. Corum
J. William Corum
C. Milton and Reta R. Coughenour
Nancy M. Cox
John E. Craine
Valerie K. Cravens and Paul B. Mulhollem
M. Ward and Joan T. Crowe
Robert H. and Anna B. Culton
Joe B. Davis
Sylvia C. Davis
John A. and Patricia B. Deacon
*Joseph W. Dearen
William B. Delker
Scott L. Dingle
Joe B. and Martha J. Dixon
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Fank Keiser and Elizabeth Owens Downing
Michael G. and Deborah L. Duckworth
George A. and Ruth H. Duncan
Jo Law and Henry Durham
Ray H. Dutt
Patrick A. and Janet M. Dwyer
Jane Winkler Dyche
R. W. Dyche III
Julia Downer Eastin
Marianne Smith Edge
Lee A. and Melinda Edgerton
Charlie B. Edgington
Elanco Animal Health
Earl F. and Norma J. Ellington
Clay Ford Ellis
Jewell Deene Ellis
Robert and Nellie Ellis Foundation
Helen Horlacher Evans
Joe L. and D. Gail Evans
Joseph Carson Evans Jr.
Joseph Carson Evans III
Lida Henderson Evans
John C. Everett III
James A. and Betty Ewing
John H. Ewing III
Sam R. Jr. and Katherine Ewing
W. S. Farish III
Marcia G. Farris
Paul E. Fenwick
Richard A. Fisher
Ray and Snooky Forgue
J.N. Frankel Sr.
Marty Bickett and Richard B. Frost
Wilbur W. and Martha H. Frye
Lorraine E. Garkovich
Richard S. and Celia Gates
Jeanne Gatton
*Raymond D. and Elizabeth A. Gentry
Robert Gilfoil
Leonard E. and Kathleen Gilkison
Gale Glenn
Muriel Gluck
Grace Gray and Brian R. Gorrell
Drew and Lorra Graham
*Russell and Robin Gray
Robert W. and Mary H. Griffith
Robert Kirk & Robin Carol Grigsby
Joy Humphrey
Gwin Blair Presnell Hall
G. Lawrence and Sharon M. Hall
J. Monroe and Judy C. Hall
James Monroe Hall IV
Robert Jr. and Bonnie Pearce Hall
Steve L. Hamilton
Amy C. Hamlin
Catherine Cooper Hammond
Frank V. and Lille B. Hammond
Susan E. Hammond and W. Gerald Smith
Thomas T. and Sheilagh R. Hammond
*Merrill R. and Ruth Hammons
Richard Hardesty
H. T. Hardy III
Robert Shelby Harp
Emette Hart
Marion Kenneth and Karolyn S. Hayden
Virgil W. Hays
Darrell R. and Donna S. Hazle
Claudia J. Heath
Linda M. Heaton
Ann Lair and William Joseph Henderson
Sarah Tabb and William K. Henry
Marcia A. and James Newell Hicks
Catherine Hildebolt
Abner C. Jr. and Jane H. Hiler
Chris and Beverly Hillenmeyer
Stephen and Karen Hillenmeyer
Anna E. Hitron
*Kelly J. Hobbs
*Kevin L. and Susan H. Hobbs
*Steven L. and Janice Faye Holley
Anthony Yates and Sherry Lassiter Holloway
Susan I. Holman
Horseman's Financial Group Inc.
Howrey, Simon, Arnold & White
*Russell S. Hubble
John Paul Huffman
Nelson Bunker and Caroline L. Hunt
Thomas W. and Jane M. Hutchens
Sue Birdsong Hutson
Cindy Metzger Hutson
Lee P. and Susan C. Hyde
Steve and Geri Isaacs
Charles J. Issel
Mary Doyle Johnson
Steven Ray Johnson
Teresa Marie Johnson
William H. and Brenda S. Johnstone
Larry D. and Linda S. Jones
Steve Jones
James D. and Helen W. Kemp
*Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Kentucky Dairy Development Council Inc.
Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association
Kentucky Forest Industries Association Inc.
James W. Kidwell
*Jonathan S. and Dwaynetta C. King
*Kyle J. and Margaret S. King
*Joseph H. Kinnarney
Kristen Hall Kirby
Fred W. Knapp
Phyllis T. Koch
Benjamin Kent
Koostra L. John, III and Vivian L. Korfhage
Robert C. and Charlotte R. Korfhage
Robert L. and B. Kay Langdon
Lion Apparel, Don Aldridge
Linda Jo Little
C. Oran and Myrtle M. Little
Joy V. Long
Pamela Gibson Longwell
Marianne Lorensen
Anna B. Lucas
Charles D. Lucas Jr.
Thomas Pearse Lyons
James R. and Judith B. Mahan
Mansbach Foundation Inc.
Glen Calvin Massengale
Herbert F. Massey Jr.
Diane M. Massie
Loys L. and Sonja Eriksen Mather
*Bill and Linda McCloskey
Julia C. McCrosky
Michelle Knapke McDonald
*S. Martin Jr. and Susan W. McElroy
Earl C. McNabb
Peggy Sisk Meszaros
Michael David Meuser
Henry A. and Jane B. Meyer
William Benjy Mikel
Michael L. Miller
B. Carolyn and George E. Mitchell Jr.
P. Scott Moffitt
William G. and Fredda Short Moody
Muhlenberg County Board of Education
Glen and Stephanie Murphy
William E. Murphy and Marie B. Petrites-Murphy
Cynthia Fletcher Nalle
Thommie Nalle
National Horseman's Administration Corp.
Leslie L. Neumeister
Dorotha Smith Oatts
William N. IV and Jane Allen Offutt
Kenneth W. Overhults
Ann R. Pass
Kevin C. Pass
*Fred A. and Patricia L. Payne
Virginia C. Payne
John Welburn Poe
Richard T. Poe
*William B. Poor
Kenneth E. and Joan Poston
Timothy D. Potter
Jerry and Judy Prewitt
Helen C. Price
*G. Herbert Pritchett
Jim Proffitt
Jonathan R. Ragan
James H. and Jean A. Ragland
Edwin E. and Lois J. Rankin
Marshall Tee and Toni Rogalinski Ray
Barbara J. Redman
Reese and Becky Reinhold
R. J. Reynolds, Nana Mensah
Angela M. Rice
Barbara Landrum Rice
Harold B. and Barbara S. Rice
Lillian Hixson and Roy D. Rice
Clyde M. Richardson Jr.
D. Michael and Susan F. Richey
Toni Wilson Riley
John C. Robertson
Rick Robey
Carey Hall Robinson
Don M. and Audrey B. Robinson
Patrick J. Robinson
Juan G. and Lorraine Rodriguez
Hugh David Roe
Eddie Gene and Kathryn Pauline Rogers
Joe and Sue Ross
Julie Ann Ross
Tony S. Royalty
Linda Williams and Robert Hawkins Rush
Martha Weakley Rush
Rosetta Ramsey and Willett Howard Rush Jr.
Beverly Vaughan and Lee Jackson Saindon
Frances Horlacher and John Lee Saindon
Larry F. and Carolyn L. Sanders
Mary Patricia Sanders
John H. Saunders
Lynwood Schrader
Ann Bryan Holden Scott
Elmira Reinhardt Scott
William E. Seale
Stephen and Ada Sue Selwitz
William K. and Margaret B. Sharp
Ronald L. Sheets
*Jim and Nancy Sherfey
Dhaval D. Shukla Mace Siegel
Mark R. and Mary Fleming Simon
Ava Christine Simpson
Dottie P. Sims
Jerry Lee II, and Karen Kan Sisk
Jerry R. and Susan M. Skees
Glenn N. Slack
Diane Greene Smathers
*James Timothy and Elinor L. Smith
Morgan Scott Smith and Susan Smith-Durisek
Ryan E. Smith
William A. and Jane F. Smith
William M. and Amy B. Snell
*Donald Lewis Sparks
Kyle C. and Jaime R. Sparrow
David L. Spatcher
Irving A. Spaulding
William R. and Julia A. Sprague
Sallie Buster Stebleton
*Barbara B. Stephenson
*Tammy Jean and Brian Henry Stephenson
Glenn A. Stith
John Whitney and Gina C. Stith
Leslie J. and Donna Mae Stith
*Sue Cravens Stivers
Granville W. Stokes
Igor D. Strugatsky
Cynthia Higgins and Stephen Bradley Sullivan
Daniel B. and Sue Duvall Sutherland
Swedish Match North America Inc.
*Richard B. and Susan S. Tanner
Deborah W. Taylor Tatum
Clifton L. and Barbara E. Taylor
Douglas L. and Nancy N. Thomas
*Edwin Clark and Kay Kuster Thomas
Brent D. and Dorothy S. Thompson
Gary C. Thompson
Margaret Gulley Thorngren
Margaret G. Thrasher
Charles S. and Mollie A. Tichenor
Linda T. Tichenor
J. Clifford and Elizabeth H. Todd
Patricia B. Todd
*Paul L. and Virginia K. Tucker
Rodney W. and Charlotte R. Tulloch
Ann Vail
Mary VanLennep
John O. Venable
Robert C. Jr. and Jill M. Wade
Thomas C. and Holly H. Wade
Dan N. and C. Louann Waldner
Retia Scott Walker
Herman R. Jr. and Deborah H. Wallitsch
Mary B. Wallitsch
*John B. Jr. and Carol J. Walton
Linus R. and Sarah L. Walton
Bryan J. and Lynn C. Weak
Helen and Byron Wentz
Myrna M. and Byron Wayne Wesley
Lona L. West
Deborah Williams and Richard Earl Wheeler
*Sue Hicks and Donald R. Whitaker
Henry D. White
John R. and Virginia S. White
W. Cleland White
Virginia L. Wiche
Roy Lee Wigginton
Gail M. Wilcher
C. Judson Williams III and Julie Allen
D. W. and Linda Jo Williams
F. Edward and Cynthia Grider Williams
James A. and Lisa R. Williams
Jonnie R. Williams
Steven F. and Nancy W. Wills
Nellie M. Winchester
Donald W. Winters
Frank E. Woeste
W. Brent Woodrum
Miriam Woolfolk
*Harry and Lucy W. Young

Scovell & Erikson Society
in Memoriam

* denotes first-time donor

Betty Adams
William H. Jr. and Corinna Balden
Ann D. Barlow
Charles E. Barnhart
Howard W. and Bernice VanSickle Beers
Alvin L. Bertrand
William Thomas Bishop III
William O. Blackburn
John H. Bondurant
Lawrence A. Bradford
Mary F. Bradley
Annelle Brent
Rose Mary Brooks
Margie B. Brookshire
Thomson R. and Lillian W. Bryant
Thomson R. Jr. and Betty R. Bryant
Winnifred S. Burruss
Patricia Johnson Buster
Dana G. and Helen J. Card
Bradley D. Carter
G. L. Monty Chappell
Janet Lynn Chatfield
R. H. "Dutch" Chatfield
Wilbur and Kathryn Louise Chellgren
John H. Clark
Albert G. Clay
G. Norton Clay
Keven Glenn Collins
Lois R. Colliver
Roy L. Compton
Thomas P. and Essie M. Cooper
Donald A. Corum
Robert F. Corum
Joe E. Crafton
Eugene and Margaret Johnson Culton
Robert M. and Alice Lough Cundiff
J. Edward and Mary Queen Cunningham
Joe T. Davis
Anna Martine Donaldson
Joseph G. and Darleene F. Duncan
Nannie A. Duncan
D. Y. and Noma Dunn
Louise G. Dutt
John Duvall
Lee D. Duvall
William Norris Duvall
Cecil Tilden Sr., and Alma Whitehouse Ellis
Statie E. Erikson
Joseph Carson Evans Sr.
Betty M. Everett
John H. Jr. and Vivian Muster Ewing
Verda K. Ewing
William G. and Bernice K. Finn
L. G. and Hallie H. Forquer
Charles W. Gatton
Harry Gatton Jr.
Betty Kington Gilfoil
Brenda White Gilmour
Maxwell H. Gluck
Saul D. Goins
Caswell H. Gorham
Lucy T. Hammond
Frank Harding
Helen Weems Harp
Jackie S. Hays
James N. Heaton
Betty Jo Denton Heick
Frank M. Heick
John H. Heick
Elizabeth Helton
Helen Hertz Hexter
Hazel J. Hieronymus
William S. Hieronymus
H. David and Julia Dixon Hilliard
Levi Jackson and Vaneta Thomas Horlacher
Lucy T. Hume
Robert C. Hume
Dan C. Hutson
Dan C. Hutson II
Katharine Renaker Jennings
Ivan Jett
Thomas H. Johnson
James R. and Mary Ross Kabler
Evangeline Smith Kelsay
Alice P. Killpatrick
Jack H. Kimball
Robert Koch
Bessie C. Landrum
Carl and La Verne R. Lay
Elizabeth Ritchey Yost Lea
Jane Stanford Lewis
Mildred S. Lewis
Noble Lillard
Virginia Alcorn Ludwick
Abby Lindsey Marlatt
Charlie Mason Jeannine Massey
Clarence W. Mathews
Dallas F. Maxfield
Emma P. Maxfield
L. H. May
W. G. McConnell
William D. McCrosky
Paul Mellon
H. Allen Middleton
J. Lester and Nancy G. Miller
Virginia S. Neumeister
*William O. and Lois Newell
Patricia Jo Overhults
Lewis V. and Helen F. Palmer
Bobby C. Pass
William Oliver Payne
Ronald E. Phillips
H. Bruce and Jennie Swab Price
H. Bruce Price Jr.
William H. Ray
John C. Redman
Nora L. Redman
Wayland Rhoads
William M. and Virginia K. Rhoads
Phil E. Richards
Clyde M. Sr. and Pauline A. Richardson
F. W. Rickard
Nancy Clay Rickard
David Leslie Riley
Martha Hawkins Rush
Chester L. Samuelson
Sarah W. Samuelson
Zack C. Saufley
Clementine Mills Schlaikjer
Jes E. Schlaikjer
Al and Thelma Schneider
Laverne Scott
Robert R. Scott
John Dudley Scruggs
John A. Serpell
Hilde R. Shapiro
Carl C. Shearer
Elias Thomas Simpson
James William Simpson
Molly Jane Denney Simpson
Roy Sims
Ruth J. Southam
Elmer S. Stafford
Marjorie B. Stafford
James I. Stephens
Albert F. Stewart
Marjorie S. Stewart
Roy C. Strange
George Perry Sr. and Dimple Thomason Summers
William G. Survant
H. P. Thrasher
Stephen L. Tichenor
*Sarah A. Utterback
Frederick L. VanLennep
M. Stanley and Ruby H. Wall
Herman R. Wallitsch Sr.
Herschel G. Weil
Frank J. and Eva C. Welch
Harry Wheeler
Fred Wiche
Diane Patricia Williams
Cameron J. Jr. and Rachel M. Williams
Frank D. Winchester
Ralph D. Winchester
Dorothy Wiss
Douglass W. Witt
Jo Lynne Wood
Patch Woolfolk

This is not a complete list
of all Scovell & Erikson Society members,
as several have requested to remain anonymous.



Donors of $1,000 or More
College of Agriculture and The Arboretum

* denotes first-time donor

NA Anonymous
Dr. Freddie L. ('75, '79) and Shirley Ann Reno Barnard
James W., Jr. ('55) and Betty M. Barton ('91)
Colby A. Blair '96
Patrick J. Boova '78
Eleanor A. Botts '57
*Patricia R. Bradley
Carolyn S. Breeding '72
William R. ('54, '65) and Betty Brinkley
B. J. Jr. ('65) and Elsa J. Brown
Dr. Stuart E. Brown II
Dr. Ray A. Bucklin '82
John L. Burman '56
Dr. Lowell P. and Joan Bush
Dr. Audrey T. ('64, '72, '94) and James C. ('63) Carr
Elberta Casey '86
Brian ('95) and Cathy B. ('95) Celsor
Michael Reed ('05) and Kassie Lynn ('07) Celsor
Mike ('92) and Vonda L. ('90) Chalfant
Hazel W. Chappell '81
Dr. Ching K. Chow
W. Ronnie ('65, '67) and Charlotte D. ('66) Coffman
Edward L. Conder '54, '57
Monte Conrad '74, '76
Dr. Charles M. and Reta R. Coughenour
Dr. Nancy Marguerite Cox
*John E. Craine '79
Owen ('82) and Janet Cropper
Dr. John A. ('58, '60) and Patricia B. ('57, '60) Deacon
Elizabeth W. Dean
Joseph W. Dearen '56
Adele B. Dilschneider
Dr. Joe B. ('52, '56) and Martha J. Dixon
Michael G. ('84, '94) and Dr. Deborah M.('84) Duckworth
Dr. George A. ('61, '64, '79) and Ruth H. ('61) Duncan
Marianne Smith Edge '77
Jewell D. Ellis '51, '57
Helen H. Evans '41
Dr. William D. Fishback Jr. '73
*Ellen Beth Fitzgerald
Dr. Raymond E. Forgue
Dr. David Freshwater and Krisia M. Rosa
Dr. Martha B. Frost '71, '77
Dr. Wilbur W. and Martha H. Frye
Carolyn F. Gabbert '46
Dr. Tim Gardner '90
Elizabeth A. Gentry
Donnie L. Gosser '60
Russell ('79) and Robin F. ('78, '80) Gray
Lt. Col. Hollis B. Hale Jr. '59
Lawrence Hall '59
Steve L. Hamilton '77
Thomas T. Hammond '67
Dr. Robert J. and Susan L. Harmon
Kathleen M. Harris '71, '77
Dr. John R. Hartman
Marion Kenneth ('53) and Karolyn S. ('59, '67) Hayden
Dr. Darrell R. Hazle '70
Dr. Linda M. Heaton
Dr. Sarah Tabb Henry '56, '69, '77
Marcia A. Hicks '87
Louis E. III ('67) and Betsy B. ('67) Hillenmeyer
Kelly J. Hobbs '83, '85, '90
Kevin L. Hobbs '88
Steven L. ('78) and Faye London Holley
Richard H. ('80) and Jean L. Horn
Dr. Jessica G. Horne '95, '00
*George A. Hubbard '82
Louise Ireland Humphrey
*Dr. & Mrs. Erwin A. Jones Jr.
Dr. Larry D. and Linda S. Jones
Jonathan S. ('85, '90) and Dwaynetta C. King
Dr. Kyle J. King '89, '93
*Leslie Kreines
Alan J. Leavitt
Dr. Graydon A. and Virginia B. Long
Marianne E. Lorensen '00
*Mr. and Mrs. Chet Lott
Robert and Lisa Lourie
*Professor Yael Lubin
Anna B. Lucas '63
*Carol A. Luhan
Deirdre M. Lyons
Scott R. Maddox '94
Dr. James R. Martin '78
Diane M. Massie '79
Dr. Loys L. and Sonja E. ('79) Mather
Ann B. McBrayer
Harry B. Miller Jr. '48
Michael L. Miller '69
Dr. William G. ('56, '57) and Fredda S. ('57) Moody
Jean R. Moore '62
Dr. Michael D. Mullen
Mac and Dr. Janice Spencer Murray
Jessica B. Nicholson '71, '74
Dorotha S. Oatts '46, '50
*Dr. Girish Patil S.
Dr. Fred A. ('70, '72, '80) and Dr. Patricia W. ('72, '98) Payne
*Ashley Plymale
*G. Herbert Pritchett '73
Brad C. Ranta '78
Katheryn M. Ranta '57, '77
Lillian H. Rice '49
Dr. W. Thomas Riddle
Patrick J. Robinson '01, '03
Daniel M. Rosenberg
Dr. Horst Schach
Valerie L. Schirmer
Elmira R. Scott
James D. ('56) and Nancy L. ('56) Sherfey
Lee Sisk '02, '05
*Scott S. Skinner '67
*James T. Smith '85
Larry R. Smith '70
Dr. M. Scott Smith and Susan Smith-Durisek
*Mary Morgan Smith
Dr. Donald L. Sparks '75, '76
Dr. Edward L. Squires
*Nancy E. Starkweather
Barbara B. Stephenson '61
Dr. Tammy J. ('97, '01) and Brian H. ('98) Stephenson
Dr. Robert and Ruth D. Straus
Eddie S. ('79) and Ruth G. ('82, '85) Tamme
Dr. Richard B., DVM ('01) and Susan S. Tanner
Douglas L. Thomas '81
Russell A. Thompson '82
Dr. Doris A. ('52, '58, '69) and Carroll B. ('51) Tichenor
Charles S. ('99, '02) and Mollie A. ('02) Tichenor
Stephen L. ('71) and Linda T. ('71) Tichenor
*Stuart T. Tichenor
Ronald W. ('66, '68) and Sharon B. Todd
Billy Toombs '03
Mats H. Troedsson, DVM
Dr. Ann Vail
James A. Vail '72, '78
James C. Van Meter '63
Derek D. Vaughan
Dr. C. Louann ('88) and Dr. Dan N. ('96) Waldner
John B. Jr. ('53) and Carol A. ('57) Walton
Dr. Linus R. Walton '65, '67
*Agustin Wardani
*Marc Wexler
Dr. Sue H. ('64) and Dr. Donald R. Whitaker
*Dr. A. S. Williams
W. Brent Woodrum


Agriculture building and farm fence


First-Time Donors
College of Agriculture

Douglas A. Adams
David C. Adkisson
Adam G. Andrews
Marisa Fitzgerald Aull
Jacob Scott Ball
Joy Moody Barker
Catherine Marie Bechstein
Laura Michelle Bilderback
Cathy L. Bowers
Ruth E. Bowling
Dr. Sharon Brennan '80, '87
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Brewer
Kathryn T. Brinegar '72, '87
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Brogie
Travis B. Bryan III
Martin H. Buchanan '78, '80
Hannah Rebekah Buchele
Judy H. Burns
Thomas M. Cambron
Kenneth O. Carpenter '66
Charles D. Carter '07
Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Carter
Lucas Ryan Cecil '04, '09
Marianna C. Chancellor
Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Clark
William H. Clifton '75
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Coffin
James R. Conway '71
Robert M. Coots '66, '69
Allen Wesley Cox
Nita R. Cropper '47
Tatum Elizabeth Dale
Kimberly A. DeZarn '00, '05
Dr. Kathryn P. Dillon '79
Whitney Elise Dodson '09
Carol A. Dziubakowski
Roger Wayne Eldridge '04, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk R. Emmert
Earl Espich
Kevin William ('08) and Shannon M. ('08) Farrell
Sheila K. Fawbush
Douglas Feltner
Dr. Robert L. Flowers '76
Thomas H. Fowler
Marion Herman Fugate Jr. '75
James F. Gilles III '10
Eugene M. Glowatch II '00
Melissa L. Goodman
Dr. Mark Alan Greaney
Calvin Bryant Groves '07
Joe Hagman
Kimberly S. Hall
Mandy K. Hall '00
Brad Handley '93
Sri Hardinigsih
Thomas C. Hatch
Frederick M. Hathaway '79
Teresa S. Hayes
Mary Elizabeth Herndon '10
Brenda J. Hill
Jeffrey and Vicki Holmberg
Carl S. Hoveland
Jennifer S. Howard
Robert L. Howard '80
Cora W. Hughes
Duncan A. ('07) and Brooke O. ('04, '06) Hunt
Dr. Jennifer Lynn Hunter '99, '03, '10
Dr. Peyman Jahed '80, '82
Thomas R. Jasper
Joseph Vincent Jefferies
Brenda M. Johnson
Deborah L. Johnson
M. Melinda Karns '75
H. Kay Kennedy
James B. Keogh
Patsy F. Kinman
Susan D. Kipp '78
William R. Klump
Kimberly Adams Leger
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin LeMaster
Allison Marquita Lewis '05
Donna G. Logsdon '80
Emily Paige London '10
Kelli R. Loos '91
Sarah Michelle Lovett '09
Joe D. Luck '02, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Lutes
Yuan-yuan N. Ma '08
James N. And Kathleen D. MacLeod
Sylvia Mangalam
Tannis A. Marley '10
Melanie M. Mattingly Deal '85, '88
Joetta Maynard
Leigh J. Maynard
Amber D. Meeks '08
Lewis N. ('63) and Barbara E. ('61) Melton
Abigail L. Meyer '82
Blazen Mijatovic '06
Carol M. Miller
Gordon R. Millsaps
Claudia M. Morris
Brian S. Newman '95
Scott Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Nutt
Walter Olin
Thomas Ossim
John C. Parr
Carla Parsons '79
Blake P. Patton
Sally Philpot '56
Betty Porter
April D. Pottorff
Owen L. Prim '78
Anissa M. Radford '95
Christy H. Ramey
Ann Ryder Randolph
George W. Ransdell '86
Kelly A. Razor
Courtney Rhein '00, '02
Terry L. Rhodes
Christine P. Richards
Matthew Ridgway
John Bissell Roberts Jr. '67
Robert F. and Linda L. Rumpke
Philip J. Runge '78
Natasha Saunders
Miranda Rose Schack
Zachary Thomas Schwartz
Kathryn Keller Schweri '07
Charles R. Scroggin '70, '72
Susan L. Seay
Arch Sebastian
Kelsey Lynn Sebastian
Chris Shotwell
Timothy K. Slone '79
Anna G. Smith '02
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard Smith
Gail A. Smith '78
James D. ('85) and Barbara L. ('85) Smith
Larry A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Smith
Cory Clarence Sparrow '04
Kaycie Len Sparrow '05
E. Douglas Stephen '77, '80
Teresa H. Stewart '79
Brooke Anne Stone
Clyann T. Stout
Amanda L. Sublett
Jason R. Swanson
Kayla Rhea Talbott '10
Jean Tate
Tamera Anne Thomas '03
William F. Tomberlin
Betsy A. Tracy
Dennis G. Trease
Mary Kathryn Tri '75, '79
Kevin Tudor '94
Shauna Turnbull
Mark L. Turner
Amy Veirs '01
Dr. Bruce L. Walcott
Brenda Waller
Dr. Marjorie A. Walz
Lois Jean Warth
Lynda W. Weeks '76
Terry L. Whalen '81, '84
Mr. and Mrs. David D. White
Thomas W. White '56, '57
R. Don and Sharon F. Whitehead
Kathleen W. Williams '01
Robbin Willis
Capt. William E. Withers '57
Anna Rae M. Wright '82
John Warren Wright '07
Martha M. Yount '95


First-Time Donors
The Arboretum

Jennifer B. Abney
Marilyn D. Adam
Wendy Adams
Ward S. L. Allen
Judith Neale Alliprandine
Pamela K. Anderson
Dan Armstrong
Sharon W. Averitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Banks
Charles III ('69) and Helen H. ('71) Beach
Cynthia A. Beres
Karen Blizzard
Bob Boulden
JoAnne Burch Burris '04
Zinnah Caluag
Martha B. Campbell '83
Christopher S. ('94) and Victoria C. Carling
Capt. William Daniel Carman, USMC '05
Candice Chaffin
Ellen G. Chapman
Wilma D. Clapp '88
Laura H. Clark
Phyllis Coffey
Donald L. and Carolyn E. ('63) Colliver
Gary A. ('71) and Pam Conn
Betsy R. Conner
Laura Lynne Coogan '09
David L. Cotton '74
Carolyn Courtney '79
Raymond H. Cox
Claudette M. Cremers
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Raymond Cruguet
David M. Crytzer
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cseledy
Jesse I. Dahl
Dr. W. Lisle ('75) and Katherine V. ('70) Dalton
Glen F. ('75) and Diana L. ('75) Dattilo
Paula Saylor Davis
Tracy K. Davis
Vivian Dawkins
Mary Stuart Diggins
Dr. Kathryn P. Dillon '79
Sharyn P. Dingus
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dodd
Michelle H. Duncan
MaryLouise Elliott
Timothy D. Enoch '75, '78
Otis H. and Barbara H. Erwin
Barbara Farha
Olivia Faulkner
Caroline J. Federspiel '74
Betsy Farris Fink '88
Dr. Joseph L. III and Renie Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fitz
Nanette L. Fleming
Sally Flynn
Michael D. ('72) and Linda A. Foley
Kathie Ford
Dr. Merritt L. Fowler '96, '97
Kathryn W. Garner
Cole Gilbert
Dr. Leigh B. Gillies '00
Linda L. Giurgevich and Thomas C. Walters
Kathy Goldsby '91, '92
Bart Goley
Judith L. Goodman
James P. Gray II
Patricia H. Green
Patricia W. Greiner '90
Dr. Merl M. and Maxine M. Hackbart Fame
Anthony Hale
Christine Hansen '87
W. P. Jr. ('65) and Susan K. Harbour
Elaine H. Hayhurst '71, '77, '92
Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Heise
Miranda Hileman
Carl Johan Hillstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hood
Melanie P. Hosey
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Houlihan
Bruce and Leslie P. ('73) Isaacs
Claudia L. Isenhour '76
Mischelle A. Isernhagen
Dr. Edgar T. Iwamoto
Pearl James
Martha C. Jenkins
Ruth E. Johnson
Tom and Susan B. ('68) Jonas
Dr. Richard T. Jones
Carol A. Jung
Bob Kersey
Jimmy L. Klotz
Hermine Langston
Michael L. and Mary B. Lesshafft
Janine D. Lindgreen '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lindholm
Shasta Lintner
Carol J. Lotz '67
Brenda G. Lowe '76, '79
Mattie T. Lowe
Alan R. Lunsford
Mary A. Malone
Karen A. Mann '68, '71
Sara Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. McCain
James E. ('75) and Valerie S. McCaw Ed McChord
Tara Katherine McClure '08
Ruby McDaniel
Dr. Melissa A. McEuen
Dr. Rosemary J. McKeighen
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McNally
Sharyn Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Meade
Dr. Michael D. Mendenhall
Dr. A. Lee and Victoria L. Meyer
Alice B. Mijanovich, MD
Lorraine Drachman and John Wesley Miller
Judith G. Miracle '79
Dr. Richard J. Mitchell
Mark S. Molla
Janette R. Moloney
Doris W. Moore
Ronald Morrow
James M. ('91) and Randi M. ('76) Mrvos
Dr. Timothy W. and Marti Mullett
Anne K. Murray '88
C. Ruth Nallan
Dr. Elizabeth Neale '96, '04
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Newman
Nick Nicholson
Dr. Mark T. and Mary Jo ('84) Nielsen
Anne Desmarais Olson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Penchoff Jr.
Charlene Pennington
Jean Phillips
Mrs. R. Herman Playforth '70
Sheryl E. Polk
Sanford S. and Dr. Rhoda-Gale Pollack
Janet W. Pope
Dr. Virgil T. ('69) and Glenda ('72) Price
Catherine Allen Rahn '70
Patricia H. Ramsey
Peter A. Rapoport '78
Carol S. Rawls '84
Linda D. Richardson
Margaret C. Riley '88
Vickie M. Robertson
John M. and Carolyn S. Ruland
Mark W. Russell '91
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Saloman
George Schweikle
Antonette H. Schweitzer
Dr. Analy L. Scorsone '71, '82
Troy D. Scott
Joseph J. and Diana S. Seidel
Jim ('74) and Rosita M. Shields
Charles R. ('66) and Yol Kim Sither
Catherine Dummer Smith '00
Eddie ('70) and Brenda E. ('71, '79) Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Smith
Robert Speaks
Lori C. Specht '75, '95
Mim Stambaugh
Pamela H. Stilz '87
Jo Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Storm
Angela Taylor
Judith J. Terrell '70, '76
Karen G. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Twietmeyer
Wini Puspa Utari
Sue E. Van Patten
Dr. Mary Vore
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Votruba
Diane Jane Ward
Tina Ward
Sarah S. Warner
Sally A. Wasielewski '89
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Watson
Sue D. Weant
Heather Webster
Jean Anne Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Wesley
Nancy W. West '51, '59
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Whan
Joanne Whiteker
Louise S. Wieman '50, '64
Barbara C. Willard
Irene Williams
Dr. Russ Williamson '75
Mark Wilson
Diane W. Woods
Marcia J. Wunderlich
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Yoder
Donna L. Young
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Yozwiak



Corporation, Foundation, and
Organization Donors

College of Agriculture & The Arboretum

* denotes first-time donor

*Actagro LLC
ADM Alliance Nutrition
Advanced Microbial Solutions LLC
AG Credit Central Kentucky, ACA
AgResearch (USA) Limited
AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky Inc.
Agrigold Hybrids
*Agrinostics LTD Co.
*Agrium Advance Technologies
Agrotain International LLC
Alliance One International Inc.
Allied Seed LLC
Alltech Inc.
Altria Group Inc.
Ameresco Inc.
American Electric Power
*American Endowment Foundation
American International Group Inc.
*The American Mosquito Control Association
*American Society of Agriculture & Biological Engineers
AMPAC Seed Co.
AMVAC Chemical Corp.
*Animal Care Clinic
Arkansas Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association
*Arnold & Arnold Inc.
Arysta LifeScience North America Corp.
Augusta Seed Corp.
B & R Drennan Enterprises Inc.
*The Bank of Kentucky Barenbrug USA
*Barney Miller's Inc.
BASF Corp.
*Bay North Capital LLC
Bayer CropScience
Bayer Environmental Science
*Becker Underwood
Beck's Superior Hybrids Inc.
*Bell County Cooperative Extension Office
*Bender Associates Architects
Big Beaver Tree Service Inc.
Bio Gene Company
*Block and Bridle Club
Blood-Horse Publications
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Blue Moon Farms LLC
Bluegrass Area Ag & HES Alumni Association Inc.
*BlueGrass Family Health
Bluegrass Home Economists
Bluegrass Hospitality Association
*Bluegrass Sotheby's International Realty
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.
Bo-Jac Seed Company
Bourbon Veterinary Clinic
*Bowling Green Garden Club
Boyd County Cooperative Extension District Board
Breeders Supply & Equipment Co.
The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Inc.
*Brodhead Farm Equipment & Trailers
*Buell Fryer McReynolds Jahed
*Buffalo Run Physical Therapy
Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association Inc.
Cache River Valley Seed LLC
*Canadian Centre for Sales and Marketing Inc.
Caterpillar Foundation
Caverndale Farms
*Cecilia Farm Service Inc.
*Centaur Inc.
Central City Tourism Commission
Central Equipment Company Inc.
Central Kentucky Medical Group PSC
Central Kentucky Ornamental & Turf Association
Central Life Sciences
Channel Bio LLC
Cheminova Inc.
Chemtura Corp.
*Coleman's Home Center Inc.
*Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Tree Care Inc.
Costigan's Elkanah Farm
Council for Burley Tobacco Inc.
*Craig & Hall Insurance Agency Inc.
The Crutcher Family Foundation Inc.
*Dairy Calf and Heifer Association
*Dairy Farmers of America
Dairyland Seed Company Inc.
Danisco (UK) Limited
Darley at Jonabell Farm
Denali Stud
*Denham Blythe Company Inc.
*Designing Women LLC
Diligence Technologies Inc.
Direct Enterprises Inc.
DLF International Seeds
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Dow Corning Corp.
Down to Earth Garden Club
Duncan Farm
Dyna-Gro Loveland Products Inc.
E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company
Ebberts Field Seeds Inc.
Edgeview Farms
*Edgewater Equine Clinic
Eisai Inc.
Eli Lilly and Company
*Elsevier B.V.
*Elsevier Inc.
*Energy Systems Group LLC
Environmental Commission
E.ON–U.S. Services Inc.
E.ON U.S. Foundation Inc.
*Epiphany Foam Insulation
*EQT Foundation Equestrian Events Inc.
*Equine Diagnostic Solutions LLC
*Equine Health Care PSC
Equine Medical Associates PSC
*The Everglades Foundation Inc.
*ExxonMobil Foundation
F. W. Rickard Seeds Inc.
Fair Acres LLC
Farm Credit Services
Farm Credit System Foundation Inc.
Farmers Feed Mill Inc.
Fasig-Tipton Company Inc.
Fayette County Master Gardener Association
Feeders Supply Company
Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation Inc.
FFR Cooperative
*Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Kentucky Bank
Florida Horsemen's Charitable Foundation Inc.
Floyd County District Cooperative
FMC Agricultural Products Group
FMC Corporation
Food Science Club
Four Oaks Landscape Maintenance
Freedom Dodge-Jeep-Eagle
Gamma Sigma Delta
*The Garden Club of Kentucky Inc.
The Garden Club of Lexington Inc.
Gardens Alive!
Gardenside Green Thumb Garden Club
GE Foundation
*GEA Farm Technologies Inc.
Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation Inc.
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC
*Gina Toombs Hopper Agency
Godby Sheep Company
Goff Tents Inc.
*Golfwood Services Inc.
*Grapestock LLC
Great Lakes Hybrids Inc.
Great West Analytical LLP
Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce
Green River Area Ag & HES Alumni Chapter
Greenup County Farm Bureau
Griffin Gate Garden Club
Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates PLLC
Hail & Cotton Inc.
The Helen T. Andrews Foundation
Helena Chemical Company
Henkel-Denmark Inc.
Heritage Animal Hospital
Highclere Sales LLC
*Hillside Stock Farm LLC
Hoe 'N Hope Garden Club
Holbrook Implement Company
*Honeywell ACS HBS/ECC
Horseman's Financial Group Inc.
Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association
Human Nature Inc.
IBM Corp.
*ICL Performance Products LP
Indiana Crop Improvement Association Inc.
Indiana Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association Inc.
*International Plant Nutrition Institute
Intervet Inc.
*INTX Microbials LLC
The Irwin Foundation
*Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's Healthcare Inc.
*John Deere Company
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson County Cooperative Extension
*Johnson County Family & Consumer Sciences Council
Judy Worth LTD
JWray Seeds
JYB3 Group
*KTC Teaching & Research
*KB Seed Solutions Inc.
*Kentucky 4-H Foundation Inc.
Kentucky American Seeds
Kentucky American Water
Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives Inc.
Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners
Kentucky Bank
Kentucky Cattlemen's Association
Kentucky Chapter of the Society of Landscape Architects
Kentucky Christian Foundation
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Kentucky Corn Promotion Council
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
Kentucky Country Ham Producers
Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Kentucky Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery Center
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company
Kentucky Farmhouse Alumni Association
*Kentucky High School Rodeo Association
Kentucky Horse Council
Kentucky Horse Park Foundation
Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association
*Kentucky Lady Rockers
Kentucky Pest Management Association Inc.
The Kentucky Poultry Federation Inc.
Kentucky Small Grain Promotion Council
Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board
Kentucky State Fair Board
Kentucky State Horticultural Society
Kentucky Student Branch, ASAE
*Kentucky Student Ventures Corp.
Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Inc.
*Kentucky Policy Research Program
Kentucky Transplant Garden Club
Kentucky Transplants Garden Club
*Kentucky Trust Company
The Kentucky Turfgrass Council
The Klein Family Foundation Inc.
Knox County Veterinary Services Inc.
Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club
L & M Glick L B B Inc.
La Jardiniere Garden Club
*The Lady Slipper Garden Club
Land O'Lakes Inc.
*Landscape Corner Inc.
*Langley Farms LLC
Lawrence County Cooperative Extension
*Lebanon Oak Flooring Co. LLC
Legacy Seeds Inc.
*LexArts Inc.
Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
Lexington Council Garden Clubs
Lexington Junior League Garden Club
*Lexington Lioness Club
*Lexington Traffic Network LLC
Lexington Woman's Club
Lexmark International Inc.
LG Seeds
*LHI Lighting Sales Inc.
Liberty Mutual
Lincoln Trail Ag & HES Alumni Association
Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company
The Little Garden Club
*The Lourie Foundation Inc.
Luxembourg Industries LTD
*Lynne Greer-Rogers Outsource Accounting
Macy's Inc.
Makhteshim-Agan of North America Inc.
Mammoth Cave Area Ag & HES Alumni Association
The Mansbach Foundation Inc.
*Mark Eclov's Sawdust Sensations
*Mary K. Oxley Foundation
McReynolds Family Foundation Inc.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
Merry Wives of Greenbriar Garden Club
*Messer Construction Co.
*Meyer Midwest Inc.
Michigan State University
Mid-America Equipment Retailers Services Inc.
Mid-States Meat Association
Miles Farm Supply LLC
*Miles Media
*Milkhaus Veterinary Products Inc.
Minnesota HBPA
Misdee Wrigley and James Mather Miller Charitable Foundation
Mississippi State University
Monsanto Co.
Mosaic Fertilizer LLC
MT Racing Stable LLC
Muhlenberg County Board of Education
Mulhollem Cravens Foundation
Myers Livestock
National Crop Insurance Services
The National H.B.P.A. Inc.
National Turfgrass Federation Inc.
Nationwide Insurance Foundation
Nebraska Horseman's Benevolent & Protective Association
*New Phytologist Trust
NewPage Corporation
Northern Kentucky Ag & HES Alumni Association
O. J. Noer Research Foundation
*Ohio Valley Crop Insurance LLC
*OHP Inc.
*Oldham County Farm Bureau Federation
Omicron Chapter
OreGro Seeds Inc.
Patricia J. Buster Foundation
Pennington Seed Inc.
Pennsylvania HBPA Inc.
Permakil Pest Control Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer Labs Inc.
Phibro Animal Health
Philip Morris International
*Photo Science Inc.
*Pike County Cooperative Extension
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
Poinsettia Foundation
*Poor Boys Holdings LLC
*Preservation Kentucky Inc.
Procter & Gamble Co.
Progeny Ag Products
Proper Plants Inc.
Purchase Area Agriculture Alumni Association
Quicksand Area Agriculture Alumni Association
The R. D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
Rennier Associates Inc.
Reynolds American Inc.
Rineyville Homemakers
*Roche Diagnostics Corp.
*The Rockholds Homemakers
The Roemer Foundation
*Roquette America Inc.
*Rosenthal Foundation Inc.
Ruel Cowles, DVM LLC
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Inc.
*Schillinger Genetics Inc.
The Scotts Co.
Seed Consultants Inc.
Seeds West Inc.
Select Sires
SePRO Corp.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Siemer Milling Co.
*Social Amenities
Soil Mates Garden Club
Southern States Cooperative Inc.
*Spencer County Conservation District
*Square D Co.
State Farm Insurance Co.
*Stewart Seeds
Steyer Seeds
Stine Seed Co.
Stith, Wimsatt & Associates CPAs
*Stoner Inc.
Swedish Match North America Inc.
Swisher International Inc.
Syngenta Crop Protection
Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.
*Syngenta Professional Products
Syngenta Seeds Inc.
*Talisen Technologies
Terral Seed Inc.
*The Mt. Brilliant Family Foundation
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky Inc.
*Travels Unlimited LLC
Turkeyfoot Place by the Creek Co Owners Council Inc.
UK Ag & HES Alumni Association
UK Alumni Association
*UK College of Agriculture Student Council
UK Federal Credit Union
UK Horticulture Club
Underwriters at Lloyd's, London
Unisouth Genetics Inc.
United Landscape Services Inc.
United Phosphorus Inc.
University Inn
*University of Louisville Dept. of Equine Administration
*U.S. Seeds LLC
*Utilities Dynamics Inc.
Valent U.S.A. Corp.
*Value-Added Science & Technologies
Varied Industries Corporation
*Veterinary Medical Center
*Vigortone Ag Products
Vincent Fister Inc.
*W. D. Hoard & Sons Co.
*Wehmeyer Seed Company
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program
Whayne Supply Company
Wilderness Trail UK Ag & HES Alumni Association
Wolf Trax Inc.
*Woodford Gardeners
Workman Tobacco Seed Inc.
*World Dairy Expo Inc.
Wyffels Hybrids
*Xerox Corporation U.S.A.


Trusts and Other Gifts

Annell Brent Trust
Estate of Darleene F. Duncan
Estate of Hilde R. Shapiro
*Irma Kay Blues Revocable Living Trust
*The Opal H. Mann Living Trust
*William O. and Lois Newell Charitable Trust


Donor lists include gifts made from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2010.
Lists were compiled using computerized methods. We have made every effort to assure that the lists are accurate. Any errors are unintentional and will be corrected if you contact the Office for Advancement. A complete listing of donors is available on the College of Agriculture's website at: www.ca.uky.edu

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For more information
about becoming a donor,
contact the Office for Advancement at
(859) 257-7200.

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