Shooting out of the gates when they enrolled at UK, Micah Fielden '12 and Nikki Hurt '12 have run a thundering race ever since.

Both chose the tough major of agricultural biotechnology, with courses such as genetics and microbiology, as well as independent research (Fielden's was on filters to remove arsenic from water; Hurt's was on the connection between UV radiation and melanoma). But these two wanted to do more than study—and have. Now, Fielden is president of the Student Government Association, and Hurt is vice-president. They'll stay on the fast track: Fielden plans to study law, medicine, or both and hopes to be involved in politics. Hurt is going to grad school in public health and wants to work in health policy management. How do they do it all? "You just don't sleep as much," said Fielden, who has a phone app that says he's averaging about five hours a night. Said Hurt: "I've mastered the art of the 20-minute nap."


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