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Forage Identification and Use Guide

Kentucky Bluegrass

Poa pratensis

Kentucky bluegrass leaves are dark green in color and are more narrow than either tall fescue or orchardgrass. The leaf tips of bluegrass are shaped like a boat's bow. No auricles, low ligule.

Perennial, dark green, sod-forming grass with rhizomes, grows 1 to 3 feet in seed head stage. Leaves are narrow and fine bladed with tips shaped like a boat's bow.

Pasture, with limited use for hay.

High quality, highly palatable, long-lived pasture plant. Tolerates close, frequent grazing better than most grasses. Forms tight sod.

Low yields, low summer production, becomes dormant and brown during hot, dry summers. More susceptible to grubs and insects than other pasture grasses. Slow to establish. Limited adaptation area (central, northern, and northeastern Kentucky).

Rate: 10-15 lb/a
Depth: ¼-½ in
Primary Date: Aug 15-Oct 1
Secondary Date: Feb 1-Apr 15

First harvest: May 1-May 15
Annual yield: 1-3 tons dry matter/a

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