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Forage Identification and Use Guide

Reed Canarygrass

Phalaris arundinacea

Reed canarygrass is a coarse, robust grass with round stems and short, broad leaves. Leaf blades are flat with rough edges. Reed canarygrass has a prominent ligule.

Coarse, sod-forming, perennial grass with short rhizomes and short, broad leaves. Grows 2 to 5 feet tall in seed head stage. Thrives in wet soils and tolerates drought. Older varieties have alklaloids that limit palatability and animal performance. Low-alkaloid varieties are available.

Pasture and hay.

Well adapted to wet, saturated, flooded sites. High yielding and highly responsive to nitrogen applications.

Slow to establish. Shorter stand life than tall fescue. Does not tolerate close, continuous grazing.

Rate: 8-12 lb/a
Depth: ¼-½ in
Primary Date: Aug 15-Oct 1
Secondary Date: Feb 1-Apr 15

First harvest: May 10-June 10
Annual yield: 1-5 tons dry matter/a

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