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Forage Identification and Use Guide

Ryegrass, Annual

Lolium multiflorum

Annual ryegrass leaves emerge rolled with auricles that wrap around the stem. Stems are round. (For seed head, see Ryegrass, Perennial.)

Shiny, dark green, short-lived, perennial bunchgrass with smooth leaves. Grows 2 to 4 feet tall in seed head stage. Underside of leaves is glossy. Forage types have broad, coarse leaves. Turf types are lower growing and have narrower, finer-bladed leaves that resemble bluegrass.

Pasture, hay, and erosion control.

High nutritive quality and palatability, excellent seedling vigor, high yields.

Short stand life (two to three years). Stands are damaged by high temperatures and drought.

Rate: 15-25 lb/a
Depth: ¼-½ in
Primary Date: Aug 15-Oct 1
Secondary Date: Feb 1-Apr 15

First harvest: Apr 20-May 15
Annual yield: 2-4 tons dry matter/a

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