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FOR-69: Field Guide to Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesting in Kentucky

BMP No. 4: Sinkholes

The purpose of this BMP is to minimize nonpoint source pollutants from flowing into sinkholes.

Figure 4-1–Flow of Waters through a Sinkhole

Soil, Logging Debris, Fluids, and/or Other Waste Materials

Minimum Requirements:

Fluids from equipment should not be drained onto the ground. They should be collected in a container, transported off site, and recycled or disposed of properly. Soil, logging debris, and/or other waste materials should not be pushed into the bottom of a sinkhole or into any noticeable sinkhole opening.

Sinkhole Buffer Zones

Minimum Requirements:

Regulatory Requirements for BMP No. 4

(See Appendix A for Explanations)
Table 4-1--Minimum Distances from Silviculturally Disturbed Areas and the Point of Lowest Elevation or Open Swallet of a Sinkhole
Slope of Land (%) Distance (Feet)
5 30
10 35
20 45
30 55
40 or higher 65
Note: This table corresponds to the recommended minimum distances for roads, trails, and landings from intermittent streams.

Figure 4-2–Specifications for Sinkhole BMP

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