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Field Guide to Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesting in Kentucky

Introduction9 kb10 pages, 537 kb
BMP 1: Access Roads, Skid Trails, and Landings22 kb22 pages, 536 kb
BMP 2: Vegetative Establishment of Silviculturally Disturbed Areas23 kb7 pages, 537 kb
BMP 3: Streamside Management Zones14 kb8 pages, 537 kb
BMP 4: Sinkholes5 kb3 pages, 81 kb
BMP 5: Logging Debris3 kb2 pages, 55 kb
BMP 7: Fertilizers3 kb1 page, 54 kb
BMP 10: Timber Harvesting in Wetland Areas5 kb3 pages, 57 kb
Streams and Other Waters BMPs4 kb2 pages, 55 kb
Appendices29 kb16 pages, 50 kb

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