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FOR-69: Field Guide to Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesting in Kentucky

Streams and Other Waters BMPs

Details of these BMPs can be obtained from the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Authority Producer Workbook. The minimum requirements for each of the four Streams and Other Waters BMPs are as follows:

BMP #1—Stream Crossing Protection

BMP #2—Sand and Gravel Removal

BMP #3—Stream Bank and Shoreline Protection

This includes requirements for stream bank stabilization for banks which are eroding at an accelerated rate and stream crossings that might be damaged by vehicular traffic.

BMP #4—Proper Stream Drainage Maintenance

Specifies requirements for clearing logjams or sediment blockage as follows:

For projects in streams where the watershed above the work is less than one square mile (640 acres):

For projects in streams where the watershed above the work is more than one square mile (640 acres), assistance must be obtained from sources such as: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, private consultants, etc., and the Kentucky Division of Water. The Kentucky Division of Forestry and County Extension offices can help identify the appropriate sources in your area.

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