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2003 New Crop Opportunities Research Report

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Faculty, Staff, and Student Cooperators



Robert Anderson
Douglas Archbold
Sharon Bale
Gerald Brown
Jack Buxton
Winston Dunwell
Richard Durham
Robert Geneve
Robert Houtz
Dewayne Ingram
R. Terry Jones
Joseph Masabni
Robert McNiel
Brent Rowell
John Snyder
John Strang
Mark A. Williams

Technical/Professional Staff

Charles T. Back
Christy Cassady
Janet Pfeiffer
Kirk Ranta
April Satanek
Chris Smigell
Richard Thacker
William Turner
Dwight Wolfe

Horticulture Farm Manager

Darrell Slone

Farm Staff
Phillip Bush
Dave Lowry


Stephen Berberich
Manjul Dutt
Valeria Sigal Escalada
Amanda Ferguson
J. Matthew Fulkerson
Steve Elkins
Todd Leeson
Jenny Heringer Vires



Dennis Egli
Larry Grabau
John H. Grove
Saratha Kumudini
Chad Lee
Todd Pfeiffer
C. G. Poneleit
Dennis M. TeKrony
Dave Van Sanford

Technical/Professional Staff

W. P. Bruening
Ron W. Curd
Eugene Lacefield
William Pearce
Colleen C. Steele


C. A. Knott
Antonio A. Marchi

Agricultural Economics


Gregg Ibendahl
Steve Isaacs
Tim Woods
Kimberly Zeuli

Professional Staff

Matt Ernst


Daniel Green
Jennifer Rogers

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering


Samuel G. McNeill
Michael D. Montross
I. Joseph Ross



Ricardo T. Bessin
Grayson Brown
Douglas W. Johnson

Plant Pathology


John Hartman
William Nesmith

Technical Staff

Paul A. Bachi
Julie Beale

Thanks to the farm crews of the various units and for general assistance from Extension personnel and College of Agriculture staff.

This is a progress report and may not reflect exactly the final outcome of ongoing projects. Therefore, please do not reproduce project reports for distribution without permission of the authors.

Mention or display of a trademark, proprietary product or firm in the text or figures does not constitute an endorsement and does not imply approval to the exclusion of other suitable products or firms.


Equal opportunity statement