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2003 Fruit and Vegetable Crops Research Report

Edited by John Snyder and Chris Smigell

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Faculty, Staff, Student, and Grower Cooperators



Jerry Brown
Richard Durham
Robert Houtz
Terry Jones
Joseph Masabni
Brent Rowell
John Snyder
John Strang

Area Extension Associates

Shane Bogle, Pennyrile, Western Kentucky (vegetables and fruits)
Nathan Howard, Green River, Northwestern Kentucky (vegetables)
Nathan Howell, Mammoth Cave, South-Central Kentucky (vegetables)
Chris Smigell, Bluegrass, Central Kentucky (fruits)
Dave Spalding, Bluegrass, Central Kentucky (vegetables)

Horticulture Farm Manager

Darrell Slone

Horticulture Farms Staff and Technical Staff

Charles Back
Larry Blandford
Sherri Dutton
June Johnston
Dave Lowry
Janet Pfeiffer
Kirk Ranta
April Satanek
William Turner
Dwight Wolfe


Courtney Bobrowski
John C. Clark
Justin Clark
Barry Duncil
Amanda Ferguson
Curtis Gregory
Spencer Helsabeck
Audrey Horrall
Saravanna Kannan
Derek Law
Robert Murray
Selvaprasanna Sanjeevijulian
Ashok Swaminathon
Kalyan Tangirala

International Student Interns (Thailand)

Teerasak Tiamdao (Oa)
Tanasit Laosomboon (Koh)



Ric Bessin


Karen Friley

Plant Pathology


John Hartman
William Nesmith

Professional Staff

Paul Bachi
Julie Beale

Agricultural Economics


Tim Woods

Professional Staff

Matt Ernst

Kentucky State University Community Research Service


Gary Cline
George Antonious Professional Staff
Tony Silvernail

Berea College

Agriculture & Natural Resources:Faculty

Sean Clark

Extension Agents for Agriculture and Horticulture and Small Farm Assistants

Danny Adams, Wayne County
Gary Carter, Harrison County
Harold Eli, Christian County
Clint Hardy, Daviess County
Annette Meyer Heisdorffer, Daviess County
Frank Hicks, Clark County
Mike Keen, Henderson County
Mike Phillips, Nicholas County
Jeff Porter, Hopkins County
Mike Reed, Powell County
Mark Reese, Scott County
Glen Roberts, Wayne County
Vicky Shadrick, Webster County
Jay Stone, Christian County
Ricky Yeargan, Caldwell County

Grower Cooperator

John Bell

Demonstration Grower/Cooperators

David Adams
Zeldon Angel
David Brumfield
Butch Case
James Caswell
Brent Dunaway
Joe Duckworth
Kevin Evans
Bill Gehring
Kevin Grant
Jeff Jones
Euell Sumner
Mark and Luis Robertson
The Fairview Produce Auction

Important note to readers

The majority of research reports in this volume do not include treatments with experimental pesticides. It should be understood that any experimental pesticide must first be labeled for the crop in question before it can be used by growers, regardless of how it might have been used in research trials. The most recent product label is the final authority concerning application rates, precautions, harvest intervals, and other relevant information. Contact your county's Cooperative Extension Service if you need assistance in interpreting pesticide labels.

This is a progress report and may not reflect exactly the final outcome of ongoing projects. Please do not reproduce project reports for distribution without permission of the authors.

Mention or display of a trademark, proprietary product, or firm in text or figures does not constitute an endorsement and does not imply approval to the exclusion of other suitable products or firms.


Grants from the Agricultural Development Board through the Kentucky Horticulture Council have allowed an expansion of the field research and demonstration program to meet the informational and educational needs of our growing vegetable and fruit industries.


Equal opportunity statement