A Practical Method of Identification of the North American Cyathostomes (Small Strongyles) in Equids in Kentucky

Introductory materials114 kb
Coronocyclus spp.526 kb
Cyathostomum spp.766 kb
Cylicocyclus spp.2300 kb
Cylicodontophorus sp.250 kb
Cylicostephanus spp.2150 kb
Parapoteriostomum spp.370 kb
Petrovinema sp.220 kb
Poteriostomum spp.400 kb
Craterostomum sp.270 kb
Oesophagodontus sp.250 kb
Triodontophorus spp.850 kb
Gyalocephalus sp.300 kb
Immature (fourth-stage) cyathostome120 kb
References170 kb