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H-2a Related Regulations

What is an H-2a worker?

An "H-2a" worker is a non-immigrant temporary (or seasonal) AGRICULTURAL guest worker.  ("H-2a" refers to the type of visa they acquire to enter the U.S. for work.)  H-2a workers are limited to only 10 months of employement per calendar year.  Many Kentucky tobacco farmers have turned to the H-2a program to ensure a reliable and legal work force.  In order to employ H-2a workers, farmers must become certified though the U.S. Department of Labor.  There are many requirements of the program, including providing transportation and housing.  For more information about the program, including specific requirements, please refer to the document below.


Changes to the H-2a Program February 2010: A Summary (Adobe pdf)


Changes to the H-2a Program January 2009 (Adobe pdf File)

This pdf file outlines changes to the H-2a worker program which went into effect January 17, 2009. 


Employing H-2a workers in Kentucky  (PowerPoint File) Updated for 2009

This PowerPoint file can be used for UK Cooperative Extension Agents in county meetings to education their farmers on rules and regulations surrounding the H-2a worker program.  Speaker notes are included for additional information.


Employing H-2a workers in Kentucky  (Adobe pdf File)  Updated for 2009

This document is a printable form of the above PowerPoint presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions on the H-2a Program  (Adobe pdf File)

This document answers commonly asked questions about the H-2a workers program.


Kentucky Driver's License requirement for H-2a workers  (Adobe pdf File)

This is the relavent Kentucky law that states one can legally drive in Kentucky with a valid Mexican driver's license.


Dept. of Labor Foreign Labor Certification Webpage


H-2a Adverse Effect Wage Rate


H-2a Related Associations and Agencies

Kentucky Labor Associations  (Adobe pdf File)

This document lists certified Farm Labor Contractors in Kentucky, for both H-2a workers and H-2b workers.


Kentucky Office of Employment and Training

This is the Kentucky State agency that approves H-2a contracts and certifies their housing.  The link above takes you directly to their "Alien Labor Certification" page.


U.S. Dept. of Labor Employment and Training Administration

This is the federal agency responsible for certifing H-2a labor contracts.  The link above takes you directly to their foreign labor certification webpage.


U.S. Dept of Labor Wage and Hour Division

This is the enforcement branch of the Department of Labor.


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services