University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Selected Staff Papers (Adobe Acrobat Format)

Commercial Aquaponics Case Study #1: Economic Analysis of Lily Pad Farms Kevin Heidemann  5/2015
The Economic Well-Being of Farmers As An On-going National Public Policy Issue David Freshwater  8/2007
Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy David Freshwater  6/2007
Measuring Farm Net Income To Better Achieve Policy Objectives. David Freshwater  2/2007
Hedonic Price Analysis of Thoroughbred Broodmares in Foal. Kelley M. Stoeppel and Leigh J. Maynard  6/2006
Economic Analysis of Cellulase Production by Clostridium thermocellum in Solid State and Submerged Fermentation. Jun Zhuang, Mary Marchant, Sue Nokes, and Herbert Strobel  8/2004
Estimation Of Market Power In The U.S. Soybean Export Markets.  Baohui Song, Venkat Veeramani, Mary A. Marchant, and Shuang Xu  8/2004
Who Dominates The U.S. Soybean Industry: Producers, Consumers, Or Agribusineses?  Baohui Song, Mary A. Marchant, and Shuang Xu  8/2004
Understanding the Market for Holstein Steers.  Kenneth H. Burdine, Leigh J. Maynard, and A. Lee Meyer  8/2004
Chinese Consumers' Preferences for Livestock Products.  Xuehua Peng, Mary A. Marchant, Xiang Dong Qin and Jun Zhuang  2003
Spatial Price Linkages Between Chinese Regional Beef Markets.  Xuehua Peng and Mary A. Marchant.  2003
The Search for Effective Rural Policy: An Endless Quest or An Achievable Goal.  David Freshwater and Eric Scorsone.  2002
Applying Multifunctionality To U.S. Farm Policy.  David Freshwater  2002
Food Safety in the U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Industry: Awareness and Management Practices of Producers in Kentucky.  Raphaelle Oger, Timothy A. Woods, Pierre Jean-Albert and Daniel Allan  12/2001
Livestock Producer Perceptions of Beef Food Safety Risk.  Kenneth H. Burdine, Matthew Ernst, Lee Meyer and Tim Woods  11/2001
An Examination of New Food Product Development Processes: A Comparative Case Study of Two Hazelnut Candy Manufacturers.  Timothy Woods and Aslihan Demiraly  1998
 Strategic Planning Approaches and Concepts: Potentials for Improving Commodity Subsector Performance  Timothy Woods, James Sterns, Donald Ricks and Randy Bitsky  1998
 Single Stem Roses -- An Economic Analysis  Timothy A. Woods and Robert G. Anderson 5/1997
 A Comparison of Social Capital in Rural and Urban Settings  David L. Debertin  1996
Economic Analysis of the Impact of Paratuberculosis on the Kentucky Cattle Industry A. Lee Meyer and Harry H. Hall  1997




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